A Map of the Nova Caesarian Colonies!

Some new maps for your pleasure. I’m excited to have these be part of my next project – a Brief History of the Colonies of New Caesaria! Which map do you like better?

Colonies of New Caesaria(1)Colonies of New Caesaria(2)

Colonies of New Caesaria(3)Colonies of New Caesaria(4)

Announcing my Next Custom Mission – Invasion of the Phandelver Valley

Hi all!

In preparation for my continuing D&D adventures, I’ve been working on another custom mission. Or in this case, a series of missions linked together in the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley. Set in the Forgotten Realms universe alongside the Starter Set Campaign, this series of missions will be a great test of our newly powerful heroes right as they complete the Lost Mines final mission.

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Expanding the D&D Beginner Campaign

Greetings! Welcome to another post on the D&D Beginner Campaign. Last time, we discussed how to run it solo. Now, after several run-throughs with a diverse group of players, I’ve got some ways to improve and expand the campaign!

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Creating a City Watch D&D Character

Hi all,

group of police on street
Photo by Tiziano Pedrini on Pexels.com

With October being a hectic month I’ve had little time to really focus on my other writing tasks. But it looks like I’ll be able to get back into D&D, which is going to be fun as I’ve barely done it before. My last character post received some interest, even though the character never saw the light of day, so here’s another one that might actually see some action.

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NANOWRIMO 2019 – Committed!

Hi all!

It’s official! I’ve committed to National Novel Writing Month 2019. Although for me it will be National Novella writing month!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.31.06 PM

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What’s coming next?

What’s next for the Steam Empire Chronicles – make your voice heard!

So, with the recent release of Laurel Emperor (Now available on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords) I’ve been doing a long, hard think about where I’m going to go from here. I do have a handful of ideas, of which I’ll be happy to share with you today. I’m also interested in hearing from you, my readers! What aspects of the world of Romanpunk would you like to see or read about? Which of these ideas sound good to you?

Ideas already in the works.

More airship crashes?
  1. Paperback of Laurel Emperor (within next few months)
  2. Anthology of all 5 novels in one single book (paperback only – with additional illustrations)
  3. Young Adult concept focused in the world of Romanpunk and the Speculatores (spy-like drama)

What else would you like to see?


50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II

50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II – With even more awesome ways for your characters (or NPCs, for that matter) to bite the dust.


So in case you missed it, my first 50 Ways to Kill a Character was the most successful blog post I’ve ever written (and to be honest, I wrote it half as a joke for my own sanity.) Now that I have 5 books and counting under my belt, I decided it was time to make a part II. Read on, brave writers, and make sure you subscribe to my blog for more writer tips and support like this list! Continue reading “50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II”

New Steampunk story is almost halfway done.

Hey all, so my story is roughly halfway done, got over 33 thousand words. I’m anticipating completion by the end of September, with a few months then for editing, revising, and cover art. Just for a few sneak peeks at the ideas inside the story.


Julius is just looking for adventure and a paycheck.

Constantine is looking to move out from under the thumb of his controlling father.

Corbus is one of the most dangerous assassins, and he happens to work for the wrong side.

When a series of unconnected events brings one of Imperial Rome’s grandest industrial cities to its knees, there is only one unit close enough to respond. Join the 13th of the XIII legion as they become the first aerial assault legion in Roman (and steampunk) history. Check out the first chapter in Daniel Ottalini’s new novel Brass Legionnaire today!

New Story Idea

Hey all, so I’ve been considering a new story based on several of my favorite genres. Alternative History + Steampunk + Historical Fiction. Read the prologue to my story idea below. I won’t give away the actual story, but maybe the prologue will tweak your interest. PLEASE offer feedback. Let me know what you think! But keep it constructive peoples 🙂

In the year 1856 A.D., the most powerful and glorious empire ever to grace the world of Earth sat like a giant amoeba over the mountains, rivers, and plains of Europe. The Imperial Roman Empire had continued it’s slow spread over the various barbarian tribes of Europe for more than the past two millennia, from the founding of the Republic to it’s transformation into the Imperial Roman Empire with the crowning of Julius Caesar as Emperor. Despite initial attempts to prevent the transformation into an empire, solid Roman citizens with their eye on the future ensured the success of the first Emperor. The most important, Marcus Brutus, close friend and savoir of the Emperor during an assassination attempt in 44 B.C. is now venerated as a deified member of the Roman Pantheon.

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