How to Create Villains – 3 Example Villains for D&D

Need to create a villain or ten for your Dungeons and Dragons (or Pistols and Tomahawks) campaign? I’ll walk you through how I’ve done it, and let you see three examples from my homebrew world. Let’s get cracking!

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Expanding the D&D Beginner Campaign

Greetings! Welcome to another post on the D&D Beginner Campaign. Last time, we discussed how to run it solo. Now, after several run-throughs with a diverse group of players, I’ve got some ways to improve and expand the campaign!

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Creating a City Watch D&D Character

Hi all,

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With October being a hectic month I’ve had little time to really focus on my other writing tasks. But it looks like I’ll be able to get back into D&D, which is going to be fun as I’ve barely done it before. My last character post received some interest, even though the character never saw the light of day, so here’s another one that might actually see some action.

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Gunslinger D&D Character – First Time Creation & Background Writing

I attempt to write the background of a D&D Gunslinger. Lots of fun!

Never thought I’d be a D&D player, but here we are. Image result for gunslinger

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Turning your story into a community experience

Turning my novel into a community experience.

Hi all,

As many people may know from my recent kickstarter, I offered the opportunity for readers and contributors to create a character for inclusion into Iron Tribune, the third novel in the Steam Empire Chronicles. I know that this can be considered a strange idea. After all, as a self-published author, didn’t I go this route precisely because I wanted more control?

Yes. And No.

As an author, I want to engage people. My goal is to get people to buy my books, enjoy reading them, and tell other people to buy my books because they enjoy them. What better way to encourage people to share the news about my net novel than to let them have a hand in building it? Or at least a part of it?

As a result of the kickstarter, I’ll be introducing four new characters into my story. While I have some inkling of how to introduce them, I still don’t know much about the specifics yet! I have to see what their creators would like to include. That being said, I’m still the author, so I still get to make tweaks as necessary. The characters must fit the story, not the other way around.

I think of this as a professional challenge and opportunity. It’s pushing me to expand my story and not get ‘too comfortable’ so to speak. It is also making me plan my story to a much greater degree, as I’ll have to incorporate new characters and new situations.

What do you think fellow authors? Would you include reader generated characters into your stories? And readers, would you be more likely to read a story you had input into, either character or event wise?

Respond in the comments below! ūüôā

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