Trouble always comes around… 44k and counting!



It’s going! Slow but steady – We’re making progress and nearly halfway there!

Enjoy the snippet after the break!

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Camp NaNoWriMo Vacation Series – Massilia


In search of a wondrous seaside getaway? Need a place to hide out for a few weeks while the heat back home from your treacherous father dies down? Want to convince a neutral governor that he really should be supporting your side of the family?

Why not visit Massilia? Beautiful harbors, gorgeous coastline, even a handy road for inner-province…ah… expeditions. Seriously? What do you have to lose? Contact the Trebonius Travel Agency today – we take your travel seriously.Marseille_en_1575

*Not responsible for any jail-time, hangings, floggings, crucifixions, ner-do-welling, or any other actions started by the traveler. Once you’re there, you’re on your own!

This message brought to you by the Massilia Travel Agency. In these uncertain times, visit a neutral, not a warmonger.

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How To – Using Google Documents to Plan Your Novel


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Hi everyone!

I briefly wanted to tell you about how I’ve been planning my last two novels. Ever since I started writing, I’ve been planning my novels out. Given the fact that I have to juggle story lines that evolve over several books, plus characters and technologies that don’t exist, one would except the need to have an outline or story map.

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What’s this? Actual Progress on Laurel Emperor!


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Thirty Nine Thousand Words and Counting! It’s a Fourth of July Miracle (Here in the United States of America). As a reminder ALL Steam Empire Chronicle novels are 25% off this July at Smashwords, and Roma Aeronautica is free! Tell your friends! Tell your family!

Here’s today’s snippet after the break.

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Editing Adds some Words



Not much to report today, other than the fact that editing has so far netted me about 250 more words – one of the challenges with picking up a novel after leaving it for so long has been to actually remember where I was when I typed the first part! No worries, it will get there!

Camp NaNoWriMo2017 Laurel Emperor Project


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Hi everyone!

To be more accountable, I’ve rejoined Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 for their summer writing project. Here’s the page count where you can check in with me. I’ll update this blog daily (A tough goal!) with how I’m doing, leaving you some tasty tidbits of my writing! End of Laurel Emperor, here I come!

Want to know more? Leave me a comment/question below!





Let’s aim to get this again this year!



Smashwords Summer Sale – All Steam Empire Chronicles Books on Sale!


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You can’t put out the fire on these deals!


It’s July, and Smashwords is running their awesome Summer Sale, and this year, every novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles will be on sale! This includes Antioch Burns.

Even better, since Roma Aeronautica was already 99 cents, you can now get it for the low-low price of FREE. That’s right, an entirely free novella!

While the coupon codes will be posted on Smashwords, here they are just in case you need them. Coupons (and the deals!) expire on July 30th, so take advantage of them while you can!


Brass Legionnaire – ES38A

Copper Centurion – PY73T

Iron Tribune – YV83X

Steel Praetorian – CE53F

Roma Aeronautica – SU56Q (This makes the novella entirely free!)

Antioch Burns – (Will be added as available)

So happy to share these with you and to share the work on Laurel Emperor this month – looking forward to getting this book done!

Happy Easter! – Check out the Steampunk Journal!

Hi Everyone, and Happy Easter!

I know I’m a few days late on this (Vacation will do that too you!) but here’s the link to my giveaway on the Steampunk Journal website. The giveaway is complete, but they have a month of steampunk-related giveaways and news, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how wonderful they are to work with.

Special Thanks to Matt over there for all his help, and congrats to the winner, Muriel from Brazil (Something about Brazilians make them really love the novels!)

If you’re sad you didn’t win, mosey on over and purchase Brass Legionnaire or any of my other novels for yourself! Action, excitement, daring steampunky Roman goodness in the air, on land, and now with included sea battles! (Yay!).


Camp NaNoWriMo has started…



Let’s finish this novel, shall we?05-escape-of-corbus

Me slaying the beast known as Laurel Emperor.

How to Trim Costs for a Self-Published Author


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Hi everyone,

Finally, back into the swing of things. I promised myself I’d get going by March. Well, it’s March! My post today isn’t too long, but it focuses on one of the biggest challenges facing a new author – one without prior book sales or a person who (like me) sees bumps from new books but not earth shattering sales numbers.

So how do you budget for a new book? If you’ve published books previously, you’ll already have your guidelines. For me, an average ‘budget’ for a new book looks something like this…

Editing ~$2000

Formatting/Cover Art/Illustrations ~$750*

Publishing/Proofreading/Copyright Fees, etc ~$100

Advertisements, Giveaways, Shipping ~$150

So as you can see, nearly $3,000. Definitely a long term haul. Obviously, your experiences may vary based on editor, cover art/illustrators (or lack thereof), and how much advertisements/giveaways, etc that you do.

Editing – Your costs for editing can vary based on how much of a book you have, and how good of a writer you are. Most editors will be nice, and lower their price slightly (in my experience) the better the initial writing is. The less work they have to do, the faster they can do it in, and the more jobs they can complete, so they’re happy too.

I wouldn’t suggest skimping on editing, but you could easily save yourself some money through extensive use of beta-readers and friends/family who have skills (Also, it helps to bake brownies).

Formatting/Cover Art/Illustrations – All this can easily be trimmed in most aspects. Formatting – you can learn this, especially considering that most of the big companies use only a handful of formats – The catch is if you get it wrong, your work will look super unprofessional.

Cover Art – Shop around! You can check out a variety of people and places – look up some books whose covers your like and email the authors to ask where they got theirs done. Unless you’re a really good artist, I recommend you not do them yourself – Online, people really DO judge a book by it’s cover.

Illustrations/Maps – Perhaps the easiest one – If you don’t need them, you don’t have to pay for them!

Advertisements – Here, your own readers and social media accounts can really help you. Although, it can be hard to cut through the chaff and find the perfect groove. Networking, like this recent Facebook group I’ve joined, can really help here. You don’t have to pay for readers/likes, etc. I’ve already shared how I felt Facebook advertising, but both Amazon, Google, Goodreads, and others have more targeted (and, personally speaking, more useful) advertisement abilities).

Publishing Fees – Especially if you’re publishing a print book, you can’t really get around theses. But be smart – make sure to check the physical proof copies before buying a big order, otherwise you could be out some serious money for books with errors that are glaring! Also, there’s something to be said for getting that sweet, sweet Copyright letter from the Library of Congress!

Hope that helps everyone! Whew – this post turned out to be longer than I thought! Let me know – what other ways do you have to trim costs?

Brass Legionnaire Ship Diagrams

Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto