The Last Gladiator – 20,000 Words!


Howdy! Another checkpoint, another snippet from The Last Gladiator! Remember, if you like what you read, then get my first novel – Brass Legionnaire – and explore the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles! Only 99 cents at Amazon and Barns and Noble! (Affiliate Links, FYI).

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2020 – Year of Accountability – January 5-12th, 2020


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Good morning! Welcome to a new series of articles where I’ll post my goals to be accountable with my writing and share the results! What’s the final goal? Two novellas before summer? Are you sure you can do this (asks the little voice in my head). Yes, I am. Here we go!

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Tackling the D&D Introduction Campaign Solo (One Player!)


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Greetings, and welcome to a long post – People seem to enjoy my fictionalization of the various D&D campaigns I seem to be getting drawn into, so forgive me if I lean into that a bit. To start the new year out right, I’m currently working through the beginner campaign – The Lost Mine of Phandelver – with my fiancee, brother, and a few friends. This will not be the most impressive write up, nor will this post be focused on  the actual story – rather, my impressions on running it as a first time Dungeon Master and how it works with a single player character, rather than the usual group.

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Recommendations on Tablet to take to shows?


Hi all,

I’m looking into purchasing a tablet in order to use at conventions or shows, and am looking for people’s recommendations!

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Ideally, it needs to be able to access both WiFi and 4G, in case of failure of the WiFi (or lack thereof). It also should be able to work with Square (which I’m sure is flexible and useable with most tablets). I’d also like it to last a long time and be pretty durable/hardwearing.

Any ideas? I’d love to get one pretty soon, so any advice would be awesome!

Last Day to get Antioch Burns on sale from Smashwords!

You know you want more Roman Alternate History Goodness! So what are you waiting for? Go and grab Antioch Burns for only 99 cents on smashwords! Today’s the last day, so don’t delay!


When a scouting expedition goes disastrously wrong, Marius Quinctius Regillus finds himself in a horde of trouble. With the Mongols encircling the grand fortress city of Antioch, Regillus and his men are trapped between a governor’s ambitions and the Mongolian weaponry. With nowhere to turn, can they save the city, or will Antioch Burn?

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!



Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and A Happy New Year to all of you, my readers, friends, and family. May this new year be yours for the taking! Keep watching this space to see all the great things coming up this year! I’ve got big plans!

– D & Simg_1762

An Ode to the end of the Decade

Dear 2010’s and Twenty-Teens,

We’ve loved you. We’ve hated you. We’ve argued and fought and chided and scorned.

We’ve meme’d and snapped and selfied galore.

We have watched millennials kill whole industries and heard ‘okay boomer’ from Baby Yoda.

We’ve replaced incandescent with LED and brought “industrial design” into the home.

From 3D to virtual reality, from Recession to Expression and everything in between.

So long, 2010s, it’s probably better you’re in the rear view screen.

A Record Year for Modern Papyrus

Hi all,

I just wanted to give an awesome shout out to you! My loyal readers! This has been Modern Papyrus’ best year ever, with nearly 7,000 views on the blog. I’m loving all your positive thoughts, likes, and vibes, and am honored that you continue to visit here! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe and get updates in your inbox.

Thanks a million!

– Danielimg_1762

Tropes and Using them in your Writing


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Tropes: Writers are for them, against them, and often discover they’re a necessary part of stories. So what are they, how can you use them, and why are they still so common?

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Is Having a Blog Worth It?



Salve! Welcome to all my new readers! Glad to have you here! Today I want to talk about my thoughts on whether having a blog is ‘worth it.’ Continue reading