A Map of the Nova Caesarian Colonies!



Some new maps for your pleasure. I’m excited to have these be part of my next project – a Brief History of the Colonies of New Caesaria! Which map do you like better?

Colonies of New Caesaria(1)Colonies of New Caesaria(2)

Colonies of New Caesaria(3)Colonies of New Caesaria(4)

Year of Accountability – June 1-14th


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Hi all, Here’s yet another post in my Year of Accountability challenge!

gray concrete building on top of hill

Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

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The Work White People Must Do


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The Work White People Must Do.

It is not anothers' responsibility to tell us whether
or not
we are acting, perceiving, being, racist. 
It is ours. It has always been ours. 
We hide
blame others.
If only...
But he...
Why didn't she just...
Yet We, the White Folk, don't even follow these rules
We are the rioters. 
We are the betrayers. 
The Police, and the Criminals. 
We cannot ask
that our Black 
Brown fellow citizens 
teach us how to not be racist. 
We must change. 
One day, one moment, one interaction at a time.

I will also add this. A book club will not fix this problem. Posting a black square on your Instagram will not fix this. This problem – the systematic influence of racism on our institutions and society in the United States and around the world – is bigger than you or I. But we can push for changes to the system.

The challenge is avoiding the ‘false success’ idea. Making one thing change, isn’t actually change. To maintain the political will for change, we – White allies – must use our voices to press for change. Change that makes a difference, not simply ‘let’s establish a commission.” There are many places to learn more, and the process of education and training yourself in the manner of anti-racist teaching/learning/acting is ongoing.


More Updates to our Ghosts of Saltmarsh Campaign – Redwatch Expanded!


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Hi All,

As my D&D Campaign for Redwatch Island continues, I’ve added some additional map resources that help build the world. Here’s a map of Seaton, the capital city of Redwatch, and the scary Dreadwood Forest. Enjoy!

City of Seaton

Seaton DistrictsMap of Dreadwood

These maps will be added to the resources in the Campaign Missions. As usual, feel free to use them with the rest of the materials, but with recognition. Thanks!

Stay safe out there.

  • Daniel

On Frustration in the time of Injustice and Covid


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Hi there,

Normally, on a Sunday, I’d be doing a Year of Accountability post, but seeing as it’s been a rough week for a lot of people, it just didn’t sit right with me.

As a white male, I have privilege. Privilege I cannot always recognize and see. As a graduate of the McDaniel Equity in Excellence program, I expanded my ability to recognize my privilege and the spaces where it flexes its muscles – both literally and figuratively. I cannot sit here and simply say “I understand what my fellow black and brown citizens of the United States are going through”.

Because I can’t. I can witness it. I can empathize. I can feel frustration for them and anger at the system that willfully allows such actions to occur, time and time again. My own frustration comes from the feeling of being limited in how to respond. I am not in a place to go out and protest, and while talking and sharing facts and support online is something, it doesn’t always feel like something. It is hard to be an ally when you feel like you cannot do anything to help.

Normally, I would bring up these issues in my school’s social justice program – our Student Diversity Leadership Team – but with distance learning coming to a close, this limits my ability to work with my students in this regard. 2020 has been a solid 1-2-3 series of blows to our communities and families, to our sense of ‘normalcy.’

But if it is normal for African American men and women to be murdered in their own neighborhoods, their own cars, their own homes, by police, in situations where their white neighbors would not, is normalcy what we want?

We can either push forward, or fall back. I’m honest in saying that I don’t have answers, just some half formed ideas. I’m not an expert in community organizing or reforming the police department, but I have some thoughts that may, or may not, be useful. Starting with this one simple idea.

  • Stop letting police officers fired for misconduct get jobs in neighboring precincts.

As a teacher, if I get fired for misconduct, my teaching certificate gets yanked. No more teaching. I have to jump through hoops to get it again. I can’t roll into the county next door and get a job. Why can these officers? If places in our country continue to operate in a ‘three strikes you’re out’ – shouldn’t we hold police to a higher standard? One strike – you’re out, and obviously not fit to be a police officer.

I have other ideas. None of which will solve the problem – there’s no ‘solving’ this. There is mitigating and reducing and building community relationships.

  • Require officers to live in the jurisdiction they work in.
  • Require “walk alongs” with members of the community for all officers. Monthly.
  • Remove long-rifled and shotgun weapons from cruisers.
  • Promote foot patrols rather than armored cruisers.
  • Rotate officers through schools, neighborhoods, community centers, ERs.

Most importantly of all, I think the best idea is to listen to what others, with better ideas, have to say. Listen, follow through, listen again.

Stay safe out there, wear your mask.


Character Interview now up on Assaph Mehr’s Blog!


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Want to learn more about Lucia Rhodanus Fortem’s background now that you’ve had a chance to sink your teeth into the Last Gladiator? Go check out her character interview over on Assaph Mehr’s Blog – The Protagonist Speaks.

Haven’t gotten your ebook copy yet? Rush over to Smashwords, (Kindle) Amazon, or (Nook) Barnes and Noble to get your copy! While you’re over at Smashwords, get a copy of my first novel – Brass Legionnaire – for free! That sale ends in a week, so you’re running out of time!

Year of Accountability – May 11-18th, 2020


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Here’s another Year of Accountability post! A day late, but it’s been a wonderful weekend of relaxing! Now, on to the post!

galleon ship photo under the cloudy sky

Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

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World Building for the Steam Empire Chronicles – Blog Tour Posting!



Hi all!

The Steam Empire Chronicles features a complex world where the Roman Empire never fell. Now in its second millennia, the culture, religions, and backgrounds of many of the characters directly connect to this extension of the empire. Check out more about this over at Phoebe Darqueling’s Blog today!

Teacher Appreciation Week during Quarantine / Stay At Home Orders


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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

At school, teacher appreciation week can be one of the best weeks. Perhaps you get a breakfast or lunch (or both! On two different days! That’s the best!), or a small gift in your mailbox (Please let it be candy!). You can tell the students who made their gift themselves – I save those – and the students whose parents give them something large and unknown early in the morning.

“I don’t know what this is, but I was told to give it to you.”

My favorite gifts are from the parents’ who give the Visa gift card and say “I can’t bring alcohol into the building for you, so get some yourself.”


My current daily view, all day long.

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Check out my Novella over at Hazel West’s Blog!



Hi all, quick post today! Check out my book reveal over at Hazel West’s blog! It’s always good to visit new places, and Hazel’s blog is one of the best! I already shared one of her books earlier this year, so go check her blog out!

Also – The Last Gladiator got its first review already on Amazon! Four Stars by my fellow writer Assaph Mehr. I’ve got a character interview over there in the future, but for now, enjoy my novella!

Smashwords – https://bit.ly/2yCaC2X
Nook – https://bit.ly/2VLQ67Z
Kindle – https://amzn.to/2RVAYDT