Project 27 – Snapshot


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Today’s Poem.


I take the photo.




Out slides the instant film.

A curiosity, attention grabbing, new-fangled thing

“Take my picture!”

Contrasting reds and blues, hues of green

Deep looks into eyes

that you never



What do these snapshots reveal?

What do these brief windows show?

Childhood ebbing

Drawing close to the end

but holding on perhaps

for one more summer day.

The Border – Part 8

Greetings! Here’s Part Eight of the Border. If you’ve missed the first seven parts, I’ve compiled them into one hand post here. To summarize, this short story follows the attempts of two men, one Eastern Roman, one Western Roman, to work together to defeat a barbarian raiding party with a scant amount of men and materials. Things get interesting from there. Enjoy!

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Project 27 – Scared



Enjoy this new Project 27 Poem – Scared.


Walls looming in
Children loom close
Loud, unfriendly
Your hand reaches out.
To grab hers
and pull close.
Safety in numbers.

The Border – Revisited


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Hello all,

About two years (three years!?) ago I started typing up a short story called “the Border.” With the completion of Laurel Emperor, I figured it was a good time to finish up the short story so that I could include it in a future anthology of Romanpunk and Alternate History tales. As I’m working on expanding it now, I figured it would be best to go back and do some brief improvements, before resubmitting it for your enjoyment. So here’s the series so far – Parts 1-7. Be on the look outs for parts 8 – 10 in the next few weeks.

Want more? Check out my other Novellas – Antioch Burns and Roma Aeronautica!

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Project 27 – Next


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Hi all,

Here’s another poem for Project 27 – I’m actually not sure how many I’ve finished now, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one. Taking inspiration from life. As usual!


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The Reason – Project 27


While I await the final edited version of Laurel Emperor, here’s another poem to tide you over. Let me know what you think about it!

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Laurel Emperor Cover Reveal!


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It’s time! Time for you to see the most impressive cover of the Steam Empire Chronicles series. Without further ado, here it is!



Let me know what you think! What are you most looking forward to?

Army of Brass Launch Announcement!


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Greetings Romanpunk and Steampunk Aficionados! Steampunk celebrates its 31st birthday on April 27, so join in the festivities with the high-flying adventure, Army of Brass.

In case you DIDN’T KNOW…

“Steampunk” began as a literary genre, but has expanded to include fashion, music, art, and live events all over the world. During 2017, in honor of author K.W. Jeter coining the term in 1987, Steampunk Journal editor Phoebe Darqueling and the Collaborative Writing Challenge joined forces to create an amazing work that blurs the line between science and magic. Twenty international authors contributed chapters to this story full of gadgets, romance, and political intrigue set against the backdrop of a fantasy world informed by the culture of the 19th century. I hope to join up with this fantabulous group next year, since my series, the Steam Empire Chronicles, is now complete!

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Project 27 – Grown Up



Greetings! Another Project 27 poem for you here. Been thinking a lot about how many of my students are faced with so many choices at a young age and don’t realize how easily others can influence them. It’s a bit terrifying how social media and the like can worm their way into a child’s mind, regardless of the efforts of well meaning parents. Anywho, onto the poem, make of it what you will, as usual!

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Project 27 – Eight Dollars


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Salve! Happy snow day to all of you on the American Eastern Seaboard discovering that spring does not yet equal warm weather, as Mother Nature decides “I haven’t really thrown a good snowball this season.”

Regardless, I found some time to do a ton of spring cleaning (Oh hi, dining room table, haven’t seen you in ages!), and this poem struck me mid clean. Another one to add to Project 27, so hope you enjoy.

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