How Writing Saved My Life – A guest post by Phoebe Darqueling


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Greetings all, especially to those who have come to my humble blog to read this! The following is a guest post by Phoebe Darqueling, a fellow steampunk author who I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with over several book tours and write-a-thons. Check out her recent release – Riftmaker – out on February 14th!

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I’m Alive!


Long time no write, been a long winter! It’s a frigid weekday here, and schools are closed, so that means it’s time to write this lovely, simple message. I’ve been really busy adapting to a new school, finishing a Graduate School Certificate program, and in general hanging out with family, friends, and the fiance. With the publication of Laurel Emperor, the books have taken a bit of a back-burner. That will definitely change this summer, as my grad school program finishes, but in the meantime, we’ll just keep puttering along! I’ve got a few guest posts coming up in the next few weeks as I look to help out fellow authors, so be sure to check them out! Stay warm out there, folks.

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Caesarian Colonies – How a Roman New World Might Develop


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Hi All,

As part of the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, I’ve mentioned the ideas of colonies in the new world multiple times. Indeed, there’s a variety of reasons that Rome would indeed seed and establish colonies in the ‘new world’ or Caesaria, in the novels. From ‘expansion space’ for retired veterans, to the ever driving need for new markets, slaves, and farmland, etc. A Rome with stronger, more stable neighbors, would need an additional outlet.

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What’s coming next?

So, with the recent release of Laurel Emperor (Now available on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords) I’ve been doing a long, hard think about where I’m going to go from here. I do have a handful of ideas, of which I’ll be happy to share with you today. I’m also interested in hearing from you, my readers! What aspects of the world of Romanpunk would you like to see or read about? Which of these ideas sound good to you?

Ideas already in the works.


More airship crashes?

  1. Paperback of Laurel Emperor (within next few months)
  2. Anthology of all 5 novels in one single book (paperback only – with additional illustrations)
  3. Young Adult concept focused in the world of Romanpunk and the Speculatores (spy-like drama)

What else would you like to see?


The Laurel Emperor is Crowned!


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His Royal Highness has gratefully declared today to be a national holiday to commemorate the release of Laurel Emperor, Book 5 of the Steam Empire Chronicles.

LaurelEmperor_1877x3000-AmazonOrder Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! or Smashwords (Soon to make the novel available on Kobo & Apple iBooks.)

(Short Synopsis) Fans of Harry Turtledove & S.M. Stirling alike will love the fast-paced action and colorful world building of the Steam Empire Chronicles. In a timeline where Rome never fell & the Dark Ages never came to be, new challenges appear to fracture the still-mighty empire. Laurel Emperor is the heart-pounding, airship shaking, sword-breaking finale to this alternate history & steampunk series.

(Long Synopsis) Civil war rages across the fractured Roman Empire in the 1850s. Rightful heir to the throne Constantine Tiberius Appius has successfully repelled the Mongolian invasions, but at a cost. The usurper Sabinus, Constantine’s uncle, rules in Rome, and his forces press through the shattered loyalist defenses, stripped to support Constantine’s campaign in the east. Loyalist and rebel forces converge in Thrace, and as casualties mount, new weapons of war are unleashed upon friend and foe alike. Constantine and his closest allies, the men of the XIII Germania, find themselves once again thrust into the spotlight. As the loyalists march towards the inevitable final battle, they face the true question of war – how much are they willing to sacrifice for victory? The fate of the Empire rests with a handful of common legionnaires, led by the last true scion of a dynasty stretching over a thousand years, in the final novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles – Laurel Emperor.

Laurel Emperor – T Minus 1 Day!


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Oh my gosh! It’s so close we can taste it! (if one could taste digital ebooks)


Pre-order Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! Help my book make it onto the best sellers list for Steampunk and Roman & Greek Mythology listings! Even Corbus wants a copy (because he doesn’t yet know how the book ends!)

If you aren’t sure where to start, grab the first book – Brass Legionnaire – for only 99 cents on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords!

Excited to share this novel with you tomorrow!

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Nature Provides Poetry – A Week at Environmental Education.

LaurelEmperor_3D-BookeCover-transparent_backgroundGreetings! I know that my latest book will be out in roughly 72 hours, but I have something a bit different for you today. As a reminder, be sure to pre order Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! If you aren’t sure where to start, grab the first book – Brass Legionnaire – for only 99 cents on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords!


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Two Week Countdown!

What? Just two weeks until the release of Laurel Emperor? I’m so stoked! Can’t wait to share the series end with you! Remember you can get your digital copy for presale on Amazon or on Barnes & Noble.

Julius would want you to get a copy. So why don’t you today?

Laurel Emperor Presale Now Live


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Greetings, followers of Constantine! Laurel Emperor is now available for preorder on Nook and Kindle! Follow the rightful emperor and pre-order your copy today.

Grab your digital copy today. If you’re waiting for a paperback version, the Kickstarter for illustrations and paperback formatting should be ready to go sometime in the next five days! I’ll keep you all up to date and informed on that as it happens! Ciao!


Laurel Emperor’s release date is October 1, 2018.

Revisions to Brass Legionnaire


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Howdy everyone,

I’ve been working hard on rereading my original novel – Brass Legionnaire – and catching the many errors that seemed to slip under the radar of both myself, my beta readers, and my editor (or, as an alternative read on this, the small errors that escaped only because the big ones took the fire for the little ones. As my introductory novel to the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, it is important to me that readers want to continue. So I’m going back and revising it.

Another major reason is that the translation process is (finally!!!!) about to be started on Brass Legionnaire, to translate the book into Portuguese, and I’d rather the translators work from an experienced writer’s skills, rather than a novice’s. So to that end, I have a question for my (handful) of blog readers. Once I update Brass Legionnaire’s manuscript, and I updated it to Amazon, B&N, etc., will that change my reviews of the book?

Another question is, will it update the book contents in everyone’s kindle account? Ideally that would be awesome! Anyways, everyone’s thoughts on the matter would be great.

In other news, Laurel Emperor is off to the formatter – the ebook version should be coming out sometime in September, which is perfect for everyone who needs a good read right as school starts again (so you can forget school is starting again!)