New Module: D&D 5th Edition Siege Rules & the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley!

“Welcome, citizen. Here, take this spear and shield. I’ve cleaned off the worst of the rust, and you’ll need it, come morning. They’ll try for the western gate, and throw everything they’ve got at us. But since we have time tonight, let me impart some crucial knowledge you’ll be needing. This custom designed rules set allows the scrupulous dungeon master to design a series of events that lead to, and model, a siege. Whether defending a massive capital city, a border prince’s fort, or the PC’s own outpost, these rules provide flexibility and open world building for the PCs to save (or destroy).” My latest module – To the Ramparts – is now available for purchase from the DMs Guild.

This module includes fifteen pages of rules, stats and tables, along with a twenty page sample campaign detailing the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley and the depredations of the Red Claw Orc Tribe. The PCs are tasked with defending the town and building the defenses up so that the citizens can survive. Here’s a more detailed list of included material…

  1. Fifteen mission types split over four new categories with examples.
  2. Sample siege missions & progressions detailing how to link your siege campaign together.
  3. Ten defensive buildings your PCs can construct to protect their town.
  4. Four types of siege equipment NPCs can construct to attack your fort.
  5. A sample campaign showing how the actions of the PCs can be represented.
  6. Four expanded siege downtime activities giving the PCs more influence over their town’s defenses.
  7. Three different ways of running the final assault – Independently, as Squad Leaders, or as Generals.
  8. New stat lines for squads of NPCs to simplify combat while maintaining the brutality of siege warfare.
  9. A new random siege event table describing random events during the final battle.
  10. 3 sets of gridded and ungridded maps to use during your siege missions.
  11. A whole walk through of a campaign for the Phandelver Valley and Phandalin, perfect for new players moving to level six, or old players seeking a new way to play!
  12. NPC hooks and links to Along the Triboar & the Fort & Castle Lomewood campaign settings.
Samples of the maps contained within!

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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