Character Interview now up on Assaph Mehr’s Blog!


Want to learn more about Lucia Rhodanus Fortem’s background now that you’ve had a chance to sink your teeth into the Last Gladiator? Go check out her character interview over on Assaph Mehr’s Blog – The Protagonist Speaks.

Haven’t gotten your ebook copy yet? Rush over to Smashwords, (Kindle) Amazon, or (Nook) Barnes and Noble to get your copy! While you’re over at Smashwords, get a copy of my first novel – Brass Legionnaire – for free! That sale ends in a week, so you’re running out of time!

World Building for the Steam Empire Chronicles – Blog Tour Posting!

Hi all!

The Steam Empire Chronicles features a complex world where the Roman Empire never fell. Now in its second millennia, the culture, religions, and backgrounds of many of the characters directly connect to this extension of the empire. Check out more about this over at Phoebe Darqueling’s Blog today!

Check out my Novella over at Hazel West’s Blog!

Hi all, quick post today! Check out my book reveal over at Hazel West’s blog! It’s always good to visit new places, and Hazel’s blog is one of the best! I already shared one of her books earlier this year, so go check her blog out!

Also – The Last Gladiator got its first review already on Amazon! Four Stars by my fellow writer Assaph Mehr. I’ve got a character interview over there in the future, but for now, enjoy my novella!

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Check out my Blog Tour! – Now on Deleyna Marr’s Blog!

Hi all,

I’m encouraging you to go and read my blog post over on Deleyna Marr’s Blog! It’s a great interview about The Last Gladiator, writing, and winning awards (and does that actually help you!?)

From the last time I was able to go to a book event!

Blog Tour Day One!


Hi all! Today I’d love for you to join me on another platform – Heart Ally’s Book Blog!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 11.27.02 AM

As a reminder – Make sure you get your copy of the Last Gladiator on pre-order now on Nook, Kindle, and all other platforms (including epub and mobi) on Smashwords. My first novel – Brass Legionnaire – is still FREE on Smashwords!

Year of Accountability 4/20-4/27 – Still Looking for Blog Tour Hosts & Preview Copies of The Last Gladiator

Hi all,

The Year of Accountability continues on! Here’s some highlights from this week’s writing.

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The Blog Tour Is Coming

Hey, hey YOU! Want to be part of a blog tour for the release of the Last Gladiator? Want pre-release access to a review copy? Want me to write a blog story for your blog? It is your lucky month, because this month is The Last Gladiator Release tour!

The-Last-Gladiator_800 Cover Reveal and Promo

Sign up HERE —> It’s a google form that will let you get access to me super fast! The more the merrier, and the more participants the bigger this tour can be!

Scars of War Tour!

Join us as we learn more about Hazel West’s new book – Scars of War!

scarsofwarfrontcover copy


Today we have a special feature for one of my best author friends – Hazel West. Hazel and I have worked together before, beta reading for several of my and her novels. So of course I offered to help her out on her book tour for her latest novel, Scars of War! It’s the 3rd novel in her Modern Tales of Na Fianna series.

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Round Up of the Steel Praetorian Blog Tour and Thanks!

A huge thanks to our blog tour hosts!

Hi everyone,02-devastation-of-sundsvall

Just a quick update! I’ve done a wonderful interview over on Hazel West’s blog about Steampunk. This is the last of my blog tour posts for Steel Praetorian. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve certainly had a blast ‘visiting’ all of my wonderful hosts blogs. Here’s a recap in case you missed it. All these sites are wonderful places to visit and explore, with some talented people running them! Plus, I owe all these people a huge thanks for hosting me during the busy month of November!

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Day 10 – Blog Tour Hosts Wanted!

Looking for some more blog tour hosts for Steel Praetorian’s release day!

Salve! I hope this post improves your day.

In news – I’ve started assembling at least a few blog visits to help promote Steel Praetorian, but I’m still looking for more. If you’ve got a blog, I’ve got five dates open for the next three weeks. I’m willing to trade 1 for 1 or do a feature just for you! Please let me know if you want to join up on my November Novel Showcase!

11/13-11/20 – 1 slots open

11/21-11/26 – 2 slots open

11/27-12/3 – 2 slots open

In Steel Praetorian News – Dedication submitted.

Laurel Emperor Progress: 15,389 (Definitely didn’t do much these last days – school week + US election has been rough on my mental processes. Read the snippet beyond the break.

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