How to keep your Writing Mojo – 2016 Edition!

How to keep your Writing Mojo going!

Salve Writers! Today I want to talk about how I keep my Writing Mojo (or whatever else you want to call it!). Hopefully my fellow writers (and readers) will find this interesting!

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My Month-Long Blogging Experiment

How/Why I blogged for an entire month and some of what I learned.

Or – How to double your readership in 30 days.

Salve! As I sit here, basking in the computer-screen glow of Steel Praetorian finally being out and available for you all to read in a single day, I’m reflecting on the month long journey that brought us here. One of my personal promises to myself this month was two fold- write every day for Laurel Emperor, and blog every day for Modern Papyrus (also called this blog – ha!)

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NaNoWriMo Day 30 – Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire?

Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire? Guest Post by Josh Stanton

Here’s another awesome guest post by Joshua Stanton, who attempts to answer my  favorite question – Could Steampunk (or power perhaps?) have saved the Roman Empire? Be sure to check out his reviews!

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T-Minus Three Days

T-Minus Three Days to Steel Praetorian!

Salve! In less than three days, we take the plunge into Steel Praetorian. Meanwhile, I’m still cracking away at Laurel Emperor, although (insert random excuse here) progress is not as good as hoped. Tonight’s writing featured General Marius Regillus, of the IV Syrian, in action. Don’t know who he is? Check out Antioch Burns, a novella based entirely on characters created by fans of the Steam Empire Chronicles. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords for all other platforms.

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NaNoWriMo Day 27 – Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles

Learn more about Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles


Day 27 has come and gone, and with it, the arrival of a painful stomach bug. Argh! Anyways, we’ve crossed the 32k words mark. Obviously, I doubt I’ll make it to the 50k mark, but that’s never been what NaNoWriMo has been to me. It’s about getting as much done as possible! Plus, my goal of blogging every day has been (mostly!) successful. Today’s blog post is about Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles. Click beyond the line to see my thoughts!

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Small Business Saturday Sample

Read the entire first chapter of Steel Praetorian now!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

For today’s blog post, here’s the entire Prologue of Steel Praetorian, which is on sale on Propoganda PosterDecember 1st, only six days away! You can grab your copy for pre-order now. If you haven’t ready Iron Tribune yet, it’s on sale this month only for $3.99! Grab your copy today so you can be ready for all the vicious action and desperate battles of Steel Praetorian. But now, enjoy the first chapter of Steel Praetorian (Those of you with Iron Tribune already have read half this chapter, now enjoy the rest!)

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Steel Praetorian Now Available for Pre-Order on Smashwords!

Smashwords Pre-orders now up!

Hi everyone,

Very brief update today, but Steel Praetorian is now available to pre-order on Smashwords – this should eventually trickle out to Apple, Kobo, and other places! Also, here’s a snippet from Constantine’s chapter… Fun Fact – We’ve reached the 30k mark in Laurel Emperor!

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Guest Post with SteamFest Host Phoebe Darqueling

Guest Post by Phoebe Darqueling of the Steamfest Gazette!

Hi everyone,pinmart-art
Last year, as part of a kickstarter, I helped Phoebe Darqueling as a backer for her Steamfest Gazette, a kind of traveling news magazine that visits different Steampunk Conventions. She’s an awesome person, and I’m so glad I get to share this interview with you as part of our blog swap for my Steel Praetorian blog tour! The rest of the interview is beyond the break!

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Steel Praetorian Available for Pre-Order!

Steel Praetorian is available for Pre-Order! Grab your copy today! Release date is December 1st!

Good Morning Everyone!

Steel Praetorian is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! I expect to have it up for pre-order on Barnes and Noble too by the end of the week. I am so excited to share this novel with you all. The official release date is December 1st!

You can also read more in an interview I’ve done on fellow writer Phoebe Darqueling’s blog – I highly encourage you to go there as well! It describes some of what’s going on in my head, as well as in this book and future books.

Steel Praetorian takes us deeper into the story and the political intrigue in Rome than ever before. Order shatters, resistance endures. Our loyalist friends face new challenges, while our traitorous friends uncover plot-twisting secrets. Cities will fall, Royal Houses will rise, and new technology will come to the forefront  – but for better or worse? (SPOILERS FROM EARLIER BOOKS IN THE BACK BLURB). See more for the blurb!

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Day 20 – NaNoWriMo Sprint to 30k

We’re on the path to 30k, plus a big announcement tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

Just another reminder to check here tomorrow for a huge update! Hint: It’s something you’ve all been waiting for. But for now, here’s today’s update. We’re back to some fun snippets from today’s writing.

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