T-Minus Three Days

T-Minus Three Days to Steel Praetorian!

Salve! In less than three days, we take the plunge into Steel Praetorian. Meanwhile, I’m still cracking away at Laurel Emperor, although (insert random excuse here) progress is not as good as hoped. Tonight’s writing featured General Marius Regillus, of the IV Syrian, in action. Don’t know who he is? Check out Antioch Burns, a novella based entirely on characters created by fans of the Steam Empire Chronicles. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords for all other platforms.


Fast-paced, this novella introduces the major events in Iron Tribune from a different point of view, the men who actually lived them. Introducing Marius Regillus, Alastair Ioannes, and Krius Monventus, these three characters continue to have an impact in the later novels as their fame grows. Learn how the Mongols took the city so quickly, experience the desperate defense, and discover the background of these fascinating characters.

Here’s a tiny snippet from today’s writing with General Regillus.

For a while, Regillus sat in the night, scrubbing at his day-old beard, drinking warm tea from a mug. He stared at the map, imagining the coming dawn and the horror and honor it would bring. Tomorrow, General Minnicus’ vanguard general, probably Legate Truin, would see the thin line of legionnaires arrayed against him, centered on this fortress. He will know we are outnumbered, and he will strike in the places he believes us to be weakest, the north and south, to spread us. But where will he strike first? I do not know. How many men? How many cavalry? How many mechaniphants or ostrichines?

The men will hold. They will hold for me. They will shed their blood over the hills of Thrace, as they have before.

But how long can I demand they hold? To the last pila? The last bolt? Last foot of ground, to the last wall?

How long can they hold if I cannot bear to see them doing it? How long…

Regillus sat there, dark thoughts sweeping his mind. Wenix came, bringing a thick blanket which he draped over the Legate General. It would be hours before the man would wander off to bed, but Wenix would watch over him.

The morning did not dawn, so much as it glowed behind the thick mists. Cool and clammy, the low hung clouds clung to the land, hiding everything in a curtain of grey.

That’s all for today! Steel Praetorian premieres in just THREE DAYS! PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! (and tell all your friends!)

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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