A poem on life at this second.


By D. Ottalini

Tiredness is the smell of morning coffee / Alertness is the feel of warm sheets.  / We’d all come to find that life is lovely / If we spent a moment to actually live life / To breathe / to feel / to wonder / to marvel / to let go / to murmur when others yell / and scream when no one hears but the frigid night / We’d all find life is lovely  if only we bothered to live it

at all.


Project 27 – Promises

Howdy all!

Here’s another Project 27 poem as a treat!

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Goalposts – Project 27

A new Project 27 Poem!

Greetings! Another Project 27 poem for you here. Not sure what I’m at by now 😉 Probably more than 27. Today’s poem is named Goalposts.



Here I stand

I can go no further.

Well, literally not, there’s a swamp of mud

between me and the net.

Sweat pouring down my neck

waiting for the ball to roll closer

through the mob of children kicking, shoving,

falling onto the damp grass.

I squint, eyes narrow.

Arms spread, knees shaking, praying

Please don’t shoot

Defense fails

the sweet, terrifying thwack

of a hard kick.

Dead center.

Can’t miss.



Project 27 – Grown Up

A new Project 27 Poem – Grown Up

Greetings! Another Project 27 poem for you here. Been thinking a lot about how many of my students are faced with so many choices at a young age and don’t realize how easily others can influence them. It’s a bit terrifying how social media and the like can worm their way into a child’s mind, regardless of the efforts of well meaning parents. Anywho, onto the poem, make of it what you will, as usual!

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Project 27 – Eight Dollars

Another poem for Project 27 – Eight Dollars

Salve! Happy snow day to all of you on the American Eastern Seaboard discovering that spring does not yet equal warm weather, as Mother Nature decides “I haven’t really thrown a good snowball this season.”

Regardless, I found some time to do a ton of spring cleaning (Oh hi, dining room table, haven’t seen you in ages!), and this poem struck me mid clean. Another one to add to Project 27, so hope you enjoy.

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NaNoWriMo2017 – Motivation

Argh! Motivation you kill me! New Poem!

Hi All,

Been super busy these last few days and had less time than I wanted for typing. Grad schools classes don’t really lend themselves to allowing for free time, but that’s an excuse, not a good reason.

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New Poem – Walls – NaNoWriMo 2017

Another NaNoWriMo Poem – Walls

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

I was in a bit of an introspective mood this weekend, so in between writing about Aurelia and Aura and Julius and Constantine, I managed to write another poem. I really should be recording how many words in each of these poems, considering that these words would count towards NaNoWriMo, perhaps next year as I’ve already officially hit my goal, even though I need about 16,000 more words.

Anyways, this poem is about all the stuff that we build up inside ourselves, telling us that we’re not good enough or not worthy enough. Whether its job related, school related, significant other related or family related, we all have walls around parts of ourselves. In the class I’m taking, they call specific types of this covering – covering parts of yourself you don’t want others to see or know because you fear  (Or know) it will disadvantage you in some way. So without further ado, here’s the poem Walls.

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Project 27 – Pressure

Another new poem for Project 27 – Pressure

Another poem today! Definitely been a rougher week in general, lots of required things to do. But I managed to sneak in another poem or two. Remember to like and Subscribe to get more in your inbox!

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NaNoWri Poem Writing – Papers, Please

A new NaNoWriMo poem – Papers Please!

Salve! Been a long week here in MD, with more work ahead! Been out of sorts today. Lots of challenges in the room today, some tears and fears all appeared, some out of nowhere. Very frustrating in a variety of ways.

Anywho, here’s another poem – Papers Please! Remember to like and subscribe to the blog for more of this fun stuff. I’ll calculate how many words I’ve been typing poetry wise this weekend and add it to my NaNoWriMo total!

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Project 27 – Mini-Boss

Mini-Boss – A New Project 27 Poem

Salve! I was definitely inspired last night, so I put together another poem for Project 27. Hopefully you guys are liking these. I’ll see how I feel about this one – thoughts? Remember to subscribe during NaNoWriMo to see more of what I’ve been writing!

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