An Ode to the end of the Decade

A brief ode to the 2010s.

Dear 2010’s and Twenty-Teens,

We’ve loved you. We’ve hated you. We’ve argued and fought and chided and scorned.

We’ve meme’d and snapped and selfied galore.

We have watched millennials kill whole industries and heard ‘okay boomer’ from Baby Yoda.

We’ve replaced incandescent with LED and brought “industrial design” into the home.

From 3D to virtual reality, from Recession to Expression and everything in between.

So long, 2010s, it’s probably better you’re in the rear view screen.


A poem on life at this second.


By D. Ottalini

Tiredness is the smell of morning coffee / Alertness is the feel of warm sheets.  / We’d all come to find that life is lovely / If we spent a moment to actually live life / To breathe / to feel / to wonder / to marvel / to let go / to murmur when others yell / and scream when no one hears but the frigid night / We’d all find life is lovely  if only we bothered to live it

at all.


Project 27 – The End of It All

Hi everyone. As many of you may know, I’m a teacher, as well as a writer.

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Project 27 – Promises

Howdy all!

Here’s another Project 27 poem as a treat!

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Goalposts – Project 27

A new Project 27 Poem!

Greetings! Another Project 27 poem for you here. Not sure what I’m at by now 😉 Probably more than 27. Today’s poem is named Goalposts.



Here I stand

I can go no further.

Well, literally not, there’s a swamp of mud

between me and the net.

Sweat pouring down my neck

waiting for the ball to roll closer

through the mob of children kicking, shoving,

falling onto the damp grass.

I squint, eyes narrow.

Arms spread, knees shaking, praying

Please don’t shoot

Defense fails

the sweet, terrifying thwack

of a hard kick.

Dead center.

Can’t miss.



Project 27 – Instant

Today’s Short Project 27 Poem

Today’s Poem


At once

This instant

lasts and yet doesn’t

stretch onward to infinity but rather

simply is there until

like a butterfly’s heartbeat

it’s gone without a sound.

Project 27 – Snapshot

Check out my latest poem.

Today’s Poem.


I take the photo.




Out slides the instant film.

A curiosity, attention grabbing, new-fangled thing

“Take my picture!”

Contrasting reds and blues, hues of green

Deep looks into eyes

that you never



What do these snapshots reveal?

What do these brief windows show?

Childhood ebbing

Drawing close to the end

but holding on perhaps

for one more summer day.

Project 27 – Scared

Enjoy this new Project 27 Poem – Scared.


Walls looming in
Children loom close
Loud, unfriendly
Your hand reaches out.
To grab hers
and pull close.
Safety in numbers.

Project 27 – Next

A new poem for Project 27 – Next

Hi all,

Here’s another poem for Project 27 – I’m actually not sure how many I’ve finished now, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one. Taking inspiration from life. As usual!


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The Reason – Project 27

A new poem for Project 27!


While I await the final edited version of Laurel Emperor, here’s another poem to tide you over. Let me know what you think about it!

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