Teacher Appreciation Week during Quarantine / Stay At Home Orders

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

At school, teacher appreciation week can be one of the best weeks. Perhaps you get a breakfast or lunch (or both! On two different days! That’s the best!), or a small gift in your mailbox (Please let it be candy!). You can tell the students who made their gift themselves – I save those – and the students whose parents give them something large and unknown early in the morning.

“I don’t know what this is, but I was told to give it to you.”

My favorite gifts are from the parents’ who give the Visa gift card and say “I can’t bring alcohol into the building for you, so get some yourself.”

My current daily view, all day long.

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School is coming, so What’s Next?

School is coming back for us teachers here in Maryland! My county’s continuity of learning plan is being activated, which means less time to do awesome blog posts and writing, but just in time for me to send the Last Gladiator off to the format people!

So what’s next?


  1. Prepare and finish the outline for a Brief History of Rome and New Caesaria. This is my next project.
  2. Make a list for people interested in doing a book tour for The Last Gladiator – I’d love to connect with more authors and am more than willing to do a blog trade or guest post!
  3. Plan for the forthcoming Anthology of my novellas coming sometime next winter or spring – depending on time of course!

That’s it so far! If you’re interested in joining a book tour, let me know! And remember to subscribe and follow me here, and on Facebook and twitter!


Building Your Students’ Mindfulness with a Mindfulness Book

Teacher Post Thursday – Build your students’ mindfulness with a mindfulness book!

Howdy everyone!

Thought I’d share a great strategy that I’ve been using this year to help students build the skills needed to develop mindfulness in the classroom. Obviously, it has to be something simple, straightforward, and better yet, cheap and EASY to implement.

img_1439I present to you – the Mindfulness book. (See upper left corner!)

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Equity In Excellence in Education Certificate (And Review!)

mcdaniel logo

I’ve updated my Educational Consulting section of the website to include my latest educational achievement – an Equity in Excellence in Education (EEE) Certificate from McDaniel College.

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Project 27 – The End of It All

Hi everyone. As many of you may know, I’m a teacher, as well as a writer.

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Will getting a new job help me write more?

Thinking about a change in jobs to help my writing

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been really thinking these last few weeks about looking for a new job, either within my local school system or elsewhere nearby. Part of me simply wants something new, something that I can see with fresh eyes. I would really like something different because I would hopefully be able to write more. In the past few months I have felt very unproductive as I have not typed as much as I wish I could have. School pressures and requirements have been very heavy and constant, so perhaps something different will let me be more creative at home.

What do you all think? Do any of you have experience moving from Teaching into another field? And while I might wish it, I am not in a place to simply rely upon my writing income to support myself. Maybe in a couple of years 🙂

– Daniel

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