School is coming, so What’s Next?

School is coming back for us teachers here in Maryland! My county’s continuity of learning plan is being activated, which means less time to do awesome blog posts and writing, but just in time for me to send the Last Gladiator off to the format people!

So what’s next?


  1. Prepare and finish the outline for a Brief History of Rome and New Caesaria. This is my next project.
  2. Make a list for people interested in doing a book tour for The Last Gladiator – I’d love to connect with more authors and am more than willing to do a blog trade or guest post!
  3. Plan for the forthcoming Anthology of my novellas coming sometime next winter or spring – depending on time of course!

That’s it so far! If you’re interested in joining a book tour, let me know! And remember to subscribe and follow me here, and on Facebook and twitter!


Book Signing Next Week – September 14th!

Come get your books signed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on September 14th with me!

Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that I’ll have my first ever book signing at Page After Page – the bookstore at the Maryland Renaissance festival – on Saturday, September 14th, 2019.

If you’re in the Delmarva Area and want your book signed (or want to buy a book there and get it signed) I’ll be around from 11-5. It’s a great time to get the new paperback edition of Laurel Emperor. Come and grab your copy (Or bring yours to get it signed). I may even have some treats for those awesome enough to visit me!


Brass Legionnaire Officially Updated!

The New Edition is officially up and ready to go!

Edition 2.0 is now ready and in circulation! Just wanted to share that! Otherwise, enjoy this beautiful view of IMG_1494.jpgthe Blackburn Inn in Staunton, VA. That’s all from vacation, now back to vacationing!

Roman Colonies in the New World “What If?”

What if Rome had managed to push out colonies in the New World? I explore how the Roman Empire in the Steam Empire Chronicles has established colonies in Nova Caesaria.

Otherwise called…where would the Romans actually have settled in the New World?

As I discussed in my previous post a long ago post, the Empire (in reality) could have funded some colonies in the new world if the right set of circumstances had existed. But where would they have settled? What does the new world look like in the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles?

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The Laurel Emperor is Crowned!

Laurel Emperor is released! Get your copy today!

His Royal Highness has gratefully declared today to be a national holiday to commemorate the release of Laurel Emperor, Book 5 of the Steam Empire Chronicles.

LaurelEmperor_1877x3000-AmazonOrder Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! or Smashwords (Soon to make the novel available on Kobo & Apple iBooks.)

(Short Synopsis) Fans of Harry Turtledove & S.M. Stirling alike will love the fast-paced action and colorful world building of the Steam Empire Chronicles. In a timeline where Rome never fell & the Dark Ages never came to be, new challenges appear to fracture the still-mighty empire. Laurel Emperor is the heart-pounding, airship shaking, sword-breaking finale to this alternate history & steampunk series.

(Long Synopsis) Civil war rages across the fractured Roman Empire in the 1850s. Rightful heir to the throne Constantine Tiberius Appius has successfully repelled the Mongolian invasions, but at a cost. The usurper Sabinus, Constantine’s uncle, rules in Rome, and his forces press through the shattered loyalist defenses, stripped to support Constantine’s campaign in the east. Loyalist and rebel forces converge in Thrace, and as casualties mount, new weapons of war are unleashed upon friend and foe alike. Constantine and his closest allies, the men of the XIII Germania, find themselves once again thrust into the spotlight. As the loyalists march towards the inevitable final battle, they face the true question of war – how much are they willing to sacrifice for victory? The fate of the Empire rests with a handful of common legionnaires, led by the last true scion of a dynasty stretching over a thousand years, in the final novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles – Laurel Emperor.

Day 16 – Beyond the Halfway Point!

Kickstarter News plus 27,000 words!

Hi everyone,

Here’s today’s snippet of chapter 9, although I still cannot believe that I’ve actually made it to nearly 27,000 words in just 16 days. It’s a record for me! If you’re doing NaNoWriMo2015, or if you’re just curious, join up and become my friend/Writing Buddy! You can check my progress and see how I’m doing in the most up-to-date way possible!

Kickstarter News: I’ve been packaging the orders, and these should get sent out this week. I know I promised that I’d be able to get them out today or yesterday, but the truth is that with my schedule the way it is now, I can barely get to the post office before it closes (doing it at lunch is a non-option for me). However, I foresee having time on Wednesday Afternoon, so I hope to have everything (meaning all 10 packages) to go out. This means that, as soon as they are sent out, that I will send out ALL the ebook files to every backer.

If you have changed your address, you must let me know IMMEDIATELY. Tuesday at noon is the deadline to send me a message here or on Kickstarter. I’ll post this message on Kickstarter as well.

Thanks! And remember, if you’re not a kickstarter backer you can still get access to the book through our pre-order!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 3!

Day 3 of the National Novel Writing Month Competition! Check out some of my writing today…

Better late than never! Classwork got me behind tonight. I’ll finish in about 25 minutes. Didn’t get to my full length portion tonight, but I’m still going! Here’s a sample.

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