Book Signing Next Week – September 14th!

Come get your books signed at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on September 14th with me!

Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that I’ll have my first ever book signing at Page After Page – the bookstore at the Maryland Renaissance festival – on Saturday, September 14th, 2019.

If you’re in the Delmarva Area and want your book signed (or want to buy a book there and get it signed) I’ll be around from 11-5. It’s a great time to get the new paperback edition of Laurel Emperor. Come and grab your copy (Or bring yours to get it signed). I may even have some treats for those awesome enough to visit me!


Print Edition of Laurel Emperor Incoming

You heard it right folks! About a year after it’s release in digital format, Laurel Emperor is coming to paperback! I know many of you have been clamoring for a paperback version, and not only will it be ready to go, but it’s release will be timed to coincide with my first book signing. In fact, if you’re able to attend my book signing, you’ll be some of the first people to access the paperback copy, and the first in person! Watch This Space!


Book Signing – September 14th at Maryland Renaissance Festival!

I’m excited to share big news! I’ve been able to secure my first ever book signing at Page After Page – the bookstore at the Maryland Renaissance festival – on Saturday September 14th, 2019.

After reaching out to the owners (Thanks to my friend Karla and fiancee Sabrina for making it happen!), I was fortunate to be offered the chance to sign some of my books! So if you’re in the Delmarva Area and want your book signed (or want to buy a book there and get it signed) I’ll be around from 11-5 (give or take however long it takes me to go get a giant turkey leg to nibble upon.).

I’ll also be excited to reveal the new paperback edition of Laurel Emperor, which will hopefully go on sale the same day! Talk about big news!

The Laurel Emperor is Crowned!

Laurel Emperor is released! Get your copy today!

His Royal Highness has gratefully declared today to be a national holiday to commemorate the release of Laurel Emperor, Book 5 of the Steam Empire Chronicles.

LaurelEmperor_1877x3000-AmazonOrder Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! or Smashwords (Soon to make the novel available on Kobo & Apple iBooks.)

(Short Synopsis) Fans of Harry Turtledove & S.M. Stirling alike will love the fast-paced action and colorful world building of the Steam Empire Chronicles. In a timeline where Rome never fell & the Dark Ages never came to be, new challenges appear to fracture the still-mighty empire. Laurel Emperor is the heart-pounding, airship shaking, sword-breaking finale to this alternate history & steampunk series.

(Long Synopsis) Civil war rages across the fractured Roman Empire in the 1850s. Rightful heir to the throne Constantine Tiberius Appius has successfully repelled the Mongolian invasions, but at a cost. The usurper Sabinus, Constantine’s uncle, rules in Rome, and his forces press through the shattered loyalist defenses, stripped to support Constantine’s campaign in the east. Loyalist and rebel forces converge in Thrace, and as casualties mount, new weapons of war are unleashed upon friend and foe alike. Constantine and his closest allies, the men of the XIII Germania, find themselves once again thrust into the spotlight. As the loyalists march towards the inevitable final battle, they face the true question of war – how much are they willing to sacrifice for victory? The fate of the Empire rests with a handful of common legionnaires, led by the last true scion of a dynasty stretching over a thousand years, in the final novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles – Laurel Emperor.

Laurel Emperor – T Minus 1 Day!

Oh my gosh! It’s so close we can taste it! (if one could taste digital ebooks)


Pre-order Laurel Emperor today on Nook or Kindle! Help my book make it onto the best sellers list for Steampunk and Roman & Greek Mythology listings! Even Corbus wants a copy (because he doesn’t yet know how the book ends!)

If you aren’t sure where to start, grab the first book – Brass Legionnaire – for only 99 cents on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords!

Excited to share this novel with you tomorrow!

  • Daniel

Laurel Emperor Presale Now Live

Laurel Emperor Digital Pre-Orders are now live! Reserve yours now!

Greetings, followers of Constantine! Laurel Emperor is now available for preorder on Nook and Kindle! Follow the rightful emperor and pre-order your copy today.

Grab your digital copy today. If you’re waiting for a paperback version, the Kickstarter for illustrations and paperback formatting should be ready to go sometime in the next five days! I’ll keep you all up to date and informed on that as it happens! Ciao!


Laurel Emperor’s release date is October 1, 2018.

Revisions to Brass Legionnaire

Brass Legionnaire gets a make over, and Laurel Emperor is off to the Formatters!

Howdy everyone,

I’ve been working hard on rereading my original novel – Brass Legionnaire – and catching the many errors that seemed to slip under the radar of both myself, my beta readers, and my editor (or, as an alternative read on this, the small errors that escaped only because the big ones took the fire for the little ones. As my introductory novel to the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, it is important to me that readers want to continue. So I’m going back and revising it.

Another major reason is that the translation process is (finally!!!!) about to be started on Brass Legionnaire, to translate the book into Portuguese, and I’d rather the translators work from an experienced writer’s skills, rather than a novice’s. So to that end, I have a question for my (handful) of blog readers. Once I update Brass Legionnaire’s manuscript, and I updated it to Amazon, B&N, etc., will that change my reviews of the book?

Another question is, will it update the book contents in everyone’s kindle account? Ideally that would be awesome! Anyways, everyone’s thoughts on the matter would be great.

In other news, Laurel Emperor is off to the formatter – the ebook version should be coming out sometime in September, which is perfect for everyone who needs a good read right as school starts again (so you can forget school is starting again!)

Laurel Emperor Cover Reveal!

Check out the final book of the Steam Empire Chronicles!

It’s time! Time for you to see the most impressive cover of the Steam Empire Chronicles series. Without further ado, here it is!



Let me know what you think! What are you most looking forward to?

Laurel Emperor Off to the Editors!

Laurel Emperor is off to the editors, culminating an eight year journey with the Steam Empire Chronicles. I won’t lie, I was exhausted finishing this book. It’s topped out around 94,000 words, with two brief epilogues. Beta readers were generally excited to see what was happening, although my readers will probably want to brush up on the events of the fourth novel – Steel Praetorian – to ensure they understand what’s going on!

Now begins the preparations for Cover Art (already under way!) and Kickstarter goals to get illustrations added to the novel! I’ll have more on that in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s to the (temporary) end of the road!

– Daniel

Snow Day – Type Day! 70k On The Way

Howdy everyone!

It’s a snow day here in Maryland, where a wee tiny amount of snow has truly snarled a large chunk of traffic and provided me with the wonderful opportunity to catch up in typing for Laurel Emperor. I’ve hit 70k today, and that’s awesome because the end is in sight! Here’s a brief tidbit from today. As I said, I can’t share too much about what’s going on, because everyone deserves some surprises!

“How many times have I told you to call me Constantine, at least in private? I swear, if Tribune Gwendyrn didn’t remind me I presided over a water fight back in Brittenburg, I’d have gone crazy from all this…authority.” He drank the arak in one shot. “By Dionysus’ beard, I’d forgotten what this tasted like.” He examined the bottle of Syrian alcohol, grimacing as it went down. “Queen Naja insisted you drink this with me? What’s she trying to do, poison us?” He asked. Both men chuckled. Alexandros was glad to hear a bit of happiness return to the tent. It had been pretty dour the last few hours.

Also, as a reminder, if anyone is interested in ordering signed, author copies of any of my novels, simply email me using the CONTACT ME function above, with your name, address, and books, plus any message you’d like me to add (for gifts, as an example). I’ll send you a paypal quote and I can get to work on that!


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