Snow Day – Type Day! 70k On The Way

Howdy everyone!

It’s a snow day here in Maryland, where a wee tiny amount of snow has truly snarled a large chunk of traffic and provided me with the wonderful opportunity to catch up in typing for Laurel Emperor. I’ve hit 70k today, and that’s awesome because the end is in sight! Here’s a brief tidbit from today. As I said, I can’t share too much about what’s going on, because everyone deserves some surprises!

“How many times have I told you to call me Constantine, at least in private? I swear, if Tribune Gwendyrn didn’t remind me I presided over a water fight back in Brittenburg, I’d have gone crazy from all this…authority.” He drank the arak in one shot. “By Dionysus’ beard, I’d forgotten what this tasted like.” He examined the bottle of Syrian alcohol, grimacing as it went down. “Queen Naja insisted you drink this with me? What’s she trying to do, poison us?” He asked. Both men chuckled. Alexandros was glad to hear a bit of happiness return to the tent. It had been pretty dour the last few hours.

Also, as a reminder, if anyone is interested in ordering signed, author copies of any of my novels, simply email me using the CONTACT ME function above, with your name, address, and books, plus any message you’d like me to add (for gifts, as an example). I’ll send you a paypal quote and I can get to work on that!


Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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