Reflections of Brass Publishing Day!

Now Available!

My anthology, Reflections of Brass, is now available for purchase on Amazon (and hopefully, other places soon!).

The first print version of my novellas, this book features all three of my short stories – Roma Aeronautica, Antioch Burns, and my most recently published novella, the Last Gladiator. Now all in one convient purchase! A perfect gift for the holidays for the science-fiction or fantasy reader.

You won’t be able to get this anthology in ebook form (mainly because you can already get all three novellas in ebook form separately), so get yours today!

If you want to really support me as an author, consider purchasing a signed copy directly through me. This helps me not only by reducing the amount of middlemen, but also lets me keep more of the sale! Shipping to anywhere within the Continental United States is included in the price. For shipping outside the US, contact me and I’ll give you a personal paypal invoice.


Signed Copy of Reflections of Brass

Get a signed copy of Reflections of Brass, my print anthology featuring all three of my ebook novellas, shipped to your door! This includes shipping costs within the continental US. For other shipping zones, send me an email and I’ll give you a personal paypal invoice.


Reflections of Brass Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal for my upcoming print anthology, Reflections of Brass!

That’s right! My new print anthology is nearly here! It will be LIVE to purchase on Amazon on Friday, November 12th! I’m so excited to offer my previous ebook novellas in a print format for those who love the smell of books. Reflections of Brass comes in at a lovely 250ish pages, featuring all three novellas currently only in Ebook form!

As always, subscribe and follow the blog for more information to come! It’s a great treat for the holidays, and grabbing it next Friday ensures it will arrive before Christmas and the holidays!

Coming Soon: Reflections of Brass Print Anthology & Cover Teaser!

I’m pleased to announce the coming publication of Reflection of Brass, my print anthology composing the novellas Antioch Burns, Roma Aeronautica, and the Last Gladiator, along with a sneak peek at my forthcoming novella, tentatively titled A Brief History of New Caesaria. I’ll be doing some cover teases all this week and next, along with a blog blitz to share writing new and old! Here’s today’s first piece of artwork!

New Anthology Coming & A Summer Event Announcement!

A new print anthology of my virtual ebook novellas is coming soon!

You heard that right! In response to all your demands, I’ve decided to take all three of my amazing ebook novellas – Roma Aeronautica, Antioch Burns, and the Last Gladiator – and turn them into a printed anthology. While I don’t have any new material to include yet, I’ll sneak a few other tidbits into this anthology, such as a preview of the History of Rome and the New Caesarian Colonies. This anthology should be available this summer.

Speaking of Summer – Mark your calendars! I’ll be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival again this year (Tentatively, based on Maryland CoVID rules!). I’ll be at the Renaissance Festival to sign this newest anthology, plus all my other books, on Saturday, September 4th, 2021. I’ll be back with more information in the future!

Until then, remember to hit that subscribe button and follow this blog for more updates on this, my Dungeons and Dragons adventures & modules, and more!

Year of Accountability – June 1-14th

Hi all, Here’s yet another post in my Year of Accountability challenge!

gray concrete building on top of hill
Photo by Suliman Sallehi on

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Writing the Introduction to an Alternate History “Textbook”


Today I’m busy writing the introduction to my alternate history “history textbook’ novella. My, that’s a mouthful. Read on, let’s figure out what I mean.

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Outlining Snippets from the next Novella!

Salve! Today’s writing brought to you by the Imperial Nova Terra Trading Company. When you want new goods, look no further than Nova Terra!

Salve! Today’s writing brought to you by the Imperial Nova Terra Trading Company. When you want new goods, look no further than Nova Terra! Marseille_en_1575

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Today’s Writing Tidbits from Last Gladiator

Enjoy a sneak peak at my WIP novella – the Last Gladiator

Here’s Thursday’s tasteful tidbit of my most recent writing from the Last Gladiator. I’ve got almost 7,000 words, and now you get to enjoy some of them, courtesy of my newest main character – Lucia.

Anyone interested in being a beta reader – better let me know asap as I’m looking for feedback on this novella by Labor Day!

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Diversity in Steampunk – Building more Realistic Worlds

Let’s expand our #steampunk world by embracing the #diversity that should be part of it. My take on diversity in a traditionally Euro-centric genre.

Hi all!

Today I’m going to talk about diversity in steampunk and alternate history novels – specifically what I’m planning to do to build some more realism and diversity into my own world. Read on to find out more.

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New Novella in the works – The Last Gladiator

Explore an excerpt from my new novella “The Last Gladiator”

Hi all,05-Escape-of-Corbus

I wanted to share the first page excerpt from my latest novella, the Last Gladiator. Focusing on a much smaller part of the world, it details the story of Master Ilyensio Horatio, master of the Ludus Magnus, one of the last training compounds for human gladiators in an era when the mechagladiators are about to dominate the colliseum. C&C always appreciated, let me know what you think! The goal for this is roughly 10-12,000 words, as I’d love to start getting some more novellas out this year and next with the eventual goal of creating that print anthology to accompany the Steam Empire Chronicle series.

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