Coming Soon: Reflections of Brass Print Anthology & Cover Teaser!

I’m pleased to announce the coming publication of Reflection of Brass, my print anthology composing the novellas Antioch Burns, Roma Aeronautica, and the Last Gladiator, along with a sneak peek at my forthcoming novella, tentatively titled A Brief History of New Caesaria. I’ll be doing some cover teases all this week and next, along with a blog blitz to share writing new and old! Here’s today’s first piece of artwork!

Steel Praetorian Update and News

An update to Steel Praetorian! Excitement awaits inside!

Hi all,

Here’s today’s update on Steel Praetorian – This chapter has really been moving fast, and it leads perfectly into the next one! Can’t wait to see what you all think of this book this upcoming fall – Oh did I mention it will be out this fall? Yes! Steel Praetorian will be published this fall. I’m really looking forward to sharing the book with you. Also, remember that Antioch Burns is on sale this month on Smashwords. Ever wanted to get your friends into my novels? Tell your friends and family! Smashwords lets you purchase any format of the books, so it works on all devices!

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Antioch Burns on Sale this Month Only!

Grab Antioch Burns on Sale this month only! 25% off on Smashwords!

Hot off the Presses!

Read book 3 of the Steam Empire Chronicles? Want to know who all these new characters are in Iron Tribune? Then you HAVE to read Antioch Burns. It’s on sale this month for 25% off on Smashwords! You can read Smashwords books on any devices too! So follow this link and grab your (Super cheap in the first place, now even cheaper!) copy!


The Border: Part 6

Part 6 of the Border is now ready for your enjoyment! Plus my Kickstarter has reached it’s 1st stretch goal!


Here is Part 6 of The Border for your enjoyment – the battle lines clash and our allies find themselves in a tough spot! If you like what you’ve read, please look into supporting my Kickstarter for Iron Tribune’s illustrations! You’ll be helping make my 3rd novel even better than it already is! Here’s the link for those looking to support me. $10 gets you the novel and our 1st stretch goal, which is a free copy of Antioch Burns!

Part 6

Screaming his rage and frustration, Odiscus battered his sword down onto the Quadi shieldwall. Once, twice, and the shield cracked, falling apart in his opponent’s hand. Speartips flashed past him, the murderous metal wet with blood and rain. Odiscus slammed his sword down one final time, burying it in his enemy’s shoulder. The man cried out, spinning away from him. Bastard! He thought as his sword tumbled away from him, still embedded in the barbarian’s shoulder.

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Antioch Burns Now Live! Plus the #Steamlit Extravaganza!

Antioch Burns is live and on sale everywhere now! Plus don’t miss out on a great deal on Brass Legionnaire, on sale for only 99 cents this week!


Antioch Burns is now live on Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords!

When a scouting expedition goes disastrously wrong, Marius Quinctius Regillus finds himself in a horde of trouble. With the Mongols encircling the grand fortress city of Antioch, Regillus and his men are trapped between a governor’s ambitions and the Mongolian weaponry. With nowhere to turn, can they save the city, or will Antioch Burn?

Discover a new threat to the industrial Imperium of Rome in Antioch Burns, the latest novella in the Steam Empire Chronicles by award-winning author Daniel Ottalini.

Ever wondered what happened to those pansy Persians? Got a hankering to see the Mongols unleash some horde-ifyingly awesome surprises? Antioch Burns is the right book for you!


For a limited time, Brass Legionnaire is on sale for only 99 cents, and if you own a physical copy of the novel, it’s FREE to download this week only! If you haven’t gotten my award winning novel yet, there’s no better time! The price goes back up this weekend! They’ll be more on the #steamlit #extravaganza coming out tonight as well, but don’t wait, get Brass Legionnaire and Antioch Burns now!

Possible Blurbs for Antioch Burns

Two Blurbs for Antioch Burns with some teaser bits!

Hi everyone,

Antioch Burns will probably be uploaded sometime this next week! I’m so excited! Last thing on my plate is the website and webstore blurbs. Take a look at the two options below and let me know what you think!

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Novel/Progress Updates!

Updates for my novels and January’s Writing Goal!

Hi all,

Long time no post! I’ve been really busy (read lazy and unmotivated) in the doldrums of January. I continue to be finishing up the last edits to Antioch Burns, and have found two beta readers to double check the changes :-).

In addition, I’ve continued to work in a tiny amount on Iron Tribune, so here’s a tiny bit of what I’ve worked on!

“Oenipons Central Station! Oenipons Central Station! Train will depart in two hours.”

The young tribune shambled to his feet, shaking the sleep from his system. The cold air smelled of oil and grease, but still felt wondrous after enduring hours in the stuffy train car.

“Shoulda opened th’ darned window earlier.” Senior Centurion Gwendyrn grumbled as the noise of their arrival finally woke him. Legionnaires crowded into the passageway, making their way towards the platform. Voices raised in complaint in the passage provided early warning of a visitor.

“Sir, Tribune Caesar, sir?” The youthful voice announced the arrival of the XIII Germania’s newest officer, Nicephorus Theophilus. The junior tribune saluted briskly, unaware of the annoyed stares leveled at him as he blocked the hallway. His loud voice was especially unwelcome to the centurion, who was always slow to wake. Julius sighed inwardly as he set about soothing the youngest son of the Governor of Noricum.

So you can see I have been hard at work (sort of, maybe?)

Anywho, here’s the goal for the rest of January.

Finish edits to Antioch Burns.

Finish Chapter One of Iron Tribune.

I plan to create writing goals all year long. If I follow all my goals, I should have many more completed novels by the end, right?


Future Plans for My Novellas

Putting my novellas on Smashwords for all to read! – Learn more inside this blog post!



Hi everyone,



I recently got an email from an avid reader the other day, asking if I planned to release Roma Aeronautica into print. I’ll let you read the email below.


Hey my name is Kody (Last name withheld to protect privacy). I really enjoy you’re first 2 books Brass Legionnaire and Copper Centurion, but I don’t have a e-reader or anything like that. So I was wondering you were planning on releasing Roma Aeronautica on paperback? Along with the rest of the books you’re planning on writing.


I’m very glad Kody asked me about this. In my recent posting talking about novellas, you may have noticed a comment I made in response to another author, talking about what I was planning with my novellas.


1.) I will eventually publish my novellas, Roma Aeronautica and Antioch Burns, along with additional unpublished novellas, as an ebook and print book once I reach a number that I consider economical to create a print book for. In essence, I need at least four to five novellas, perhaps even six, to make a print book viable, at least to my standards (note, my standards include illustrations for every book, a different cover, plus possibly maps or additional commentary.)


2.) As it stands, for the entire Steam Empire Series & associated novellas, there will be at least five novellas, one for each novel, providing me with a ready base of material to create a printed book.


3.) As a stopgap for my readers who do not have e-readers, I am putting my novellas onto Smashwords, where you can download them as a PDF, which will work on any computer. I understand that this is not the best manner, but you can also download nook and kindle readers onto any computer as well in order to buy your ebooks that way.



So thanks, Kody, for emailing me to ask! I understand completely that not everyone has access to an ereader, and I will strive to make my novellas as accessible as possible for all my followers.

Until then, Roma Nike!












Antioch Burns Cover Sneak Peek!

A preview of Antioch Burns’ cover and some exciting November news!

Antioch Burns Sneak Peak

What is this? A sneak peek at the cover of Antioch Burns? Yes indeed! As you can see, I’ve gone with the newspaper-y style of cover. I’ll be revealing the full cover later this month, along with a special sale announcement! November and December bring great gifts and surprises to my Roman Steampunk & Alternate History World. See you soon!

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