Beta Reader Updates and Final Revisions Pre-Editing

Just another brief update on Iron Tribune!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Iron Tribune is in the last Pre-editing stages. I’m revising it as we speak, and the good news is you’re getting a much improve project! I’m also excited to announce that, once Iron Tribune is done, I have found someone who will be going through both Brass Legionnaire and Copper Centurion with me to make a few minor tweaks, cleaning out some old errors and mistakes that get by the best authors and editors.

Other than that, many other things are in the works! I’ll have another update for you by this Friday!



Two new chapters done!

A brief update – I’m alive!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post briefly to let people know that a.) I’m alive and b.) I’m still typing. I finished up an entire chapter featuring everyone’s favorite bad guy/assassin/mechawolf thief. Now I’m typing up the end of a chapter introducing the newly handicapped but no less iron-willed Octavia.

By the way, the winner of the poster contest from my last couple of posts was Mrs. Judy Stone! Congrats! Your posters will be in the mail by Friday. Woo! Enjoy!

Novel/Progress Updates!

Updates for my novels and January’s Writing Goal!

Hi all,

Long time no post! I’ve been really busy (read lazy and unmotivated) in the doldrums of January. I continue to be finishing up the last edits to Antioch Burns, and have found two beta readers to double check the changes :-).

In addition, I’ve continued to work in a tiny amount on Iron Tribune, so here’s a tiny bit of what I’ve worked on!

“Oenipons Central Station! Oenipons Central Station! Train will depart in two hours.”

The young tribune shambled to his feet, shaking the sleep from his system. The cold air smelled of oil and grease, but still felt wondrous after enduring hours in the stuffy train car.

“Shoulda opened th’ darned window earlier.” Senior Centurion Gwendyrn grumbled as the noise of their arrival finally woke him. Legionnaires crowded into the passageway, making their way towards the platform. Voices raised in complaint in the passage provided early warning of a visitor.

“Sir, Tribune Caesar, sir?” The youthful voice announced the arrival of the XIII Germania’s newest officer, Nicephorus Theophilus. The junior tribune saluted briskly, unaware of the annoyed stares leveled at him as he blocked the hallway. His loud voice was especially unwelcome to the centurion, who was always slow to wake. Julius sighed inwardly as he set about soothing the youngest son of the Governor of Noricum.

So you can see I have been hard at work (sort of, maybe?)

Anywho, here’s the goal for the rest of January.

Finish edits to Antioch Burns.

Finish Chapter One of Iron Tribune.

I plan to create writing goals all year long. If I follow all my goals, I should have many more completed novels by the end, right?


Just a Quick Update!

Hi all!

Just wanted to send out a quick update. The editor got back to me and Brass Legionnaire is done! Obviously, I’ll have to review her changes and talk it over with her, but the biggest chunk of time and effort is past! In addition, I also heard from my illustrators that they’ll have some rough drafts for me soon. Couldn’t come soon enough! I’m so excited! Thank goodness my Kickstarter project got funded, otherwise I’d be stuck for funding soon. Well, that’s all! If you haven’t done so already, check out my youtube page and watch/listen to the first chapter of Brass Legionnaire.



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