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Enjoy the fruits of my labor! Need a new mission for your campaign? Don’t want to have to figure out a ton of NPCs? Bored with the beginner campaign? Check out my custom missions and campaign settings! All of these are available through Dungeon Master’s Guild, so click through to the affiliate links to take you to those resource! Help me keep making more missions and hobbying!

Paid Resources:

  1. Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers (See the Announcement Post Here) – A Jungle Campaign module featuring a 12 room jungle temple with treasure, enemies, traps, and much more! Plus a hidden village with four custom NPCs, four awesome magical items, and four bonus battle maps and encounters!
  2. Along the Triboar – Additional Adventures in Phandalin (See the Announcement Post Here) – An expanded module to support Level 5 Characters in the Phandelver Valley with two of my old settings updated and combined! This PDF includes a module and setting for Clearing Lomewood Castle, as well as an additional campaign setting for Fort Lomewood. Inside are detailed maps of the interior and exterior of both Lomewood Castle and Fort Lomewood, as well as detailed descriptions of unique and individual NPCs, as well as links to existing NPCs from the Lost Mines of Phandelver.
  3. Siege Rules & the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley (See the Announcement Post Here) – substantial upgrades are finished on my IotPV module, including custom battle maps, stats for different siege engines, defensive buildings, a sample play through and a campaign linked to the Lost Mines of Phandelver beginning missions!
  4. Wyvern Tor Revisited (See Announcement Post Here) – This is an upgraded and reorganized version of my old free version of Wyvern Tor & the Temple of Zumash dungeon exploration. Featuring new maps, player props, and even magical item stats, this 18 page module is great for the beginner Lost Mines of Phandelver Pact setting, or any setting where you need a subterranean temple.
  5. Kohtumine: The Great Gathering of the Ships (See Announcement Post Here) – The folk of the sea – pirates, traders, priests, merchants and warriors – all gather to elect the next Lord or Lady of the Oceans. Join the politicking free-for-all with three all new factions, seven encounter maps, ship stats lines, unique ship upgrades, and mission hooks for parties of all levels. This nearly 50 page adventure setting module is setting neutral. Have ocean, will travel (to the Kohtumine!)
  6. A Field Guide to Temerrit – (See Announcement Post Here) In this guidebook you will find a map for each town, featuring points of interest, as well as a handful of NPC contacts for PCs to visit. Additionally, plot hooks and storylines are provided for each town, as well as an overarching storyline for DMs wishing to utilize the entire province, or just a single settlement!
  7. Tales from Temerrit: The Fall of Palrom the Usurper – (See Announcement Post Here) Prepare yourselves and your characters to take on the infamous Usurper, Vincent Palrom. The Oathbreaker Paladin has torn Temerrit apart, and the province stands on a precipice. Will you join the resistance and fight back against the man seeking apotheosis, or does the call to power beckon you forward, crushing the scattered forces of ‘good’. Plot hooks, new maps, unique character backgrounds, an in-depth story and an all new introductory campaign make The Fall of Palrom the best adventure setting available yet!
  8. The Mystery of Drav’eka Manor – (see announcement post here) is an adventure module built for a group of level six to eight PCs. Investigate the Drav’eka manor, deal with a band of Searing Torchbearer cultists, and discover the roots behind why the manor was abandoned. Within this 21-page adventure module you’ll find new enemies to fight with original stat lines, a host of plot hooks perfect for any world, setting, or campaign, three DM maps and two player maps of the manor, with area by area descriptions. Plus traps, challenges, and intrigue perfect for your newly powerful PC party!

Free Resources:

Ghosts of Saltmarsh in the World of Eberron – Redwatch Island Campaign Setting – Want to run Ghosts of Saltmarsh, but not sure how to run it in the steampunkish world of Eberron? Start with my Redwatch Island campaign setting, using the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures, to add dinosaurs and dragonmarks to the campaign! One additional thing you’ll notice is that there is no map of Saltmarsh – this is because there are plenty of ‘official’ maps out there of Saltmarsh. It isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel for this. Check out the Map of Burle and Carnival Games! as well for some fun side gigs.

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