New Module Announcement! The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers

My first published module is now available for purchase on the Dungeon Master’s Guild Website! Check out the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announcement my latest creation – a 5e D&D Module called The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers.

Yes, that’s my own artwork using Inkarnate!

Welcome to the Temple of the Thunder Bringers! This module, designed for characters level 3-8, is a simple series of events that can fit well into any campaign. Whether it represents a mysterious island temple of the Exandria universe or one of the multitude of lost locales in the Forgotten Realms, the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers combines easy plot hooks, NPC interactions, and a dungeon crawl. This module includes a twelve room temple dungeon crawl with maps, descriptions, enemies, and treasure for each room, along with four bonus ‘outside’ encounters, a village map, four unique NPCs as well as four new magic items perfect for a low to mid level party.

You can purchase this module for $3.99 on the DMs Guild Website now!

I’ve decided that it will be easier to move all of my pre-made modules to DMs Guild rather than attempt to set up my own shopping site here through WordPress. I will gradually be moving both the Expanded World of Phandalin modules such as Fort and Castle Loamwood and my Redwatch Island background setting over there in the coming weeks. I will keep the same permanent page with my material and links, but some of that content will be going away as a.) I’d like to make some money from the work I do, and b.) I have to pay for a lot of these tools and would like to see them pay for themselves.

Don’t worry! I’ll continue to post some new maps and content here.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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