A Field Guide to Temerrit Featured by Splinterverse!

Check out a mention of my newest product – A Field Guide to Temerrit – on Splinterverse’s D&D New Releases Video!

Check it out! A Field Guide to Temerrit was featured by Splinterverse as part of a look at several new, 3rd party products via DMs Guild! You can hear his commentary, including compliments on the maps, around the 1 hour, 27 minute mark.

Wyvern Tor Revisited now Available via Fantasy Grounds!

Wyvern Tor is now available via Fantasy Grounds for virtual tabletop play! Check it out now!

Happy Thursday, and Happy Beginning of Summer day to all my teacher friends!

Wyvern Tor Revisited is now out and available for Virtual Tabletop through Fantasy Grounds. A great option for expanding the beginner campaign through the Lost Mines of Phandelver, or even expanding the Essentials kit adventure of Dragon of Icespire Keep.

If you missed the background behind this D&D module, here’s some insight!

So, you’re here to inquire about the strange circumstances up at Wyvern Tor? Better you than me going up there, I tell you! Some people say that it’s the lost soul of a mournful farmer, intent on murdering those who killed her husband. Others say it’s a long lost priestess of some crazed god, looking to resurrect him. But between you and me, I think it’s one of those damned necromancers, out meddling with the dead and bringing back things that should stay six feet under. Fortunate you came along to deal with it, eh?

This module revisits Wyvern Tor, combining the original mission from the Lost Mines of Phandelver with several other small side mission to turn it into a fully fledged story. Contained within are a summary of three new sets of hooks from different characters, two new magic items, a brief summary of the temple and the god it was built to worship, along with a room by room account of the temple insides. Five maps, two for the DM, two for the PCs and one PC prop, are included, with one version of each being setting neutral, for use in all your adventures!

Coming Soon! The Field Guide to Temerrit Adventure Setting!

Hot on the heels of my last adventure module – Kohtumine: The Great Gathering of Ships – comes a setting module with a distinctly less nautical flair and a focus on the interplay between towns and villages in the region called Temerrit. The Field Guide to Temerrit adventure setting will provide ten distinctly different town maps – from small caravan style gatherings to desert outposts to a massive capital city. Each of these can be used as is, or as a stand in to represent a new location of your choosing!

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Release the Kohtumine!

Get my latest Dungeons and Dragons Module – Kohtumine, the Great Gathering of Ships – now on DMs Guild!

Kohtumine: The Great Gathering of Ships, is now live and ready for your enjoyment! Get my 5th edition friendly high-seas adventure module on DMs Guild now for only $9.95. Missed all my earlier posts? Check them out and learn more about this awesome adventure setting, perfect for any levels!!

The Kohtumine (Cou-tu-mine) is a great gathering of ships in the middle of the ocean during the week before and after the summer solstice. Imagine a thousand ships, all tied together, forming a floating city as far as the eye can see. Their masts touch the sky and the hubbub of commerce echoes beneath the waves. The Kohumine is a once-in-a- decade occurrence, famed throughout the seas and oceans. It heralds the changing of the trade routes, the tides of power, and the crowning of a new Lord or Lady of the Oceans. 

In this world-neutral adventure setting module, you’ll find a brief history of the Kohtumine, the major factions that seek to gain power during the two week gathering, seven map inspirations for encounters, a random event table, a dozen new NPCs, downtime activities, ship stats and upgrades, plus sample mission hooks for parties 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20, as well as ideas for how to adapt the Kohtumine to your setting!

Writing, Maps, and Concept by Daniel Ottalini, Cover art and some interior illustrations by Tim Williamson, with feedback by Tim Williamson and Gordon Moore.

Wyvern Tor Revisited is Published!

Wyvern Tor Revisited, my latest D&D 5th Edition Module, is now live at DMs Guild! You can access it here and purchase it for the low price of just $2. More info inside!

Wyvern Tor Revisited, my latest D&D 5th Edition Module, is now live at DMs Guild! You can access it here and purchase it for the low price of just $2. That’s it!

The earlier preview post shared a lot of what was inside this module, so check it out here if interested in seeing what’s inside. If you downloaded the free version from my website earlier, this module is similar, but very much upgraded with new maps, magical item rules, a cleaner, more organized design, and cover.

New Module: D&D 5th Edition Siege Rules & the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley!

“Welcome, citizen. Here, take this spear and shield. I’ve cleaned off the worst of the rust, and you’ll need it, come morning. They’ll try for the western gate, and throw everything they’ve got at us. But since we have time tonight, let me impart some crucial knowledge you’ll be needing. This custom designed rules set allows the scrupulous dungeon master to design a series of events that lead to, and model, a siege. Whether defending a massive capital city, a border prince’s fort, or the PC’s own outpost, these rules provide flexibility and open world building for the PCs to save (or destroy).” My latest module – To the Ramparts – is now available for purchase from the DMs Guild.

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New Module Announcement! The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers

My first published module is now available for purchase on the Dungeon Master’s Guild Website! Check out the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announcement my latest creation – a 5e D&D Module called The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers.

Yes, that’s my own artwork using Inkarnate!

Welcome to the Temple of the Thunder Bringers! This module, designed for characters level 3-8, is a simple series of events that can fit well into any campaign. Whether it represents a mysterious island temple of the Exandria universe or one of the multitude of lost locales in the Forgotten Realms, the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers combines easy plot hooks, NPC interactions, and a dungeon crawl. This module includes a twelve room temple dungeon crawl with maps, descriptions, enemies, and treasure for each room, along with four bonus ‘outside’ encounters, a village map, four unique NPCs as well as four new magic items perfect for a low to mid level party.

You can purchase this module for $3.99 on the DMs Guild Website now!

I’ve decided that it will be easier to move all of my pre-made modules to DMs Guild rather than attempt to set up my own shopping site here through WordPress. I will gradually be moving both the Expanded World of Phandalin modules such as Fort and Castle Loamwood and my Redwatch Island background setting over there in the coming weeks. I will keep the same permanent page with my material and links, but some of that content will be going away as a.) I’d like to make some money from the work I do, and b.) I have to pay for a lot of these tools and would like to see them pay for themselves.

Don’t worry! I’ll continue to post some new maps and content here.

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