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So, you’re here to inquire about the strange circumstances up at Wyvern Tor? Better you than me going up there, I tell you! Some people say that it’s the lost soul of a mournful farmer, intent on murdering those who killed her husband. Others say it’s a long lost priestess of some crazed god, looking to resurrect him. But between you and me, I think it’s one of those damned necromancers, out meddling with the dead and bringing back things that should stay six feet under. Fortunate you came along to deal with it, eh?

This module includes 17 pages of new ways to use an old favorite. The mystery of Wyvern Tor is a small side mission from the Lost Mines of the Phandelver, and in combination with the Old Owl Well, and Agatha the Banshee’s quest, I have created a much more solid and enjoyable mission for everyone. Inside you’ll find five maps, including a prop for players, two new magic items, as well as a room by room account of the secrets within the hidden temple. In my own personal campaign, this was the Temple of Zumash. While in yours it may be a Temple to the Traveler, or the Mask, or Sune. This module is flexible, whether you need to upgrade your beginning campaign, or just need a location for your secret cult.

Coming this Thursday!