New D&D Maps – Town of Burle & Carnival Games

Town of Burle

Today’s post is a quick one – I’ve built my awesome map of Burle using the free Inkarnate tools (Honestly, it’s just the fortified town map with some textures and a few other pieces of writing added.

A few fun parts of this map – the Burle Pond is a saltwater pond. According to local legend, a captive ocean elemental was captured by a traveling wizard, who made his home within the town. When the wizard died, the ocean elemental was freed, but couldn’t find his way home. He took the small pond as his home, and it has been salty ever since.

The town holds an annual festival to celebrate the signing of the Wildflame Pact. My party just arrived in town after delivering some wagons to Olion’s stables (connected to Ingo the Drover in Saltmarsh), and spent today enjoying the many games and foods/drinks/sites and sounds of the town carnival.

Games included…

  • Climb the tree – Two Dexterity Checks (DC15) Followed by a DC 15 Strength Check to make your way up a tall pole while wearing two heavy metal bracers. Every failure drags them down, every success brings them up.
  • Slay the Dragon – Arm wrestling with a full-blooded Orc Gladiator with slithering dragon tatoos on his arms. (Direct Strength vs Strength Checks – Two wins in a row from starting to get an arm down – Nat 20 does ‘two positions’)
  • Catch the Queen – Shell Game with perception checks to follow it (three times in a row  – DC 15)
  • Lift the Stone – The stone that the Wildflame Pact was on is a heavy piece – pick it up and hold it over the red painted – Requires a DC 22 Strength Check to lift successfully.
  • Archery Competition – Archers may not use their own bows – must use one the town provides. Three bows – two are poor and cause disadvantage on shots. One is good and allows normal usage. A DC 12 perception check allows a player to check the bows for defects and find the right one. “Magic number” is 23 to hit.
  • Ring Toss – Get a heavy metal ring over the blue goblet and win a prize! Naturally it’s in the middle of a bunch of red goblets. First, players must make a perception check to spot the blue goblet (DC 14). If a nat 20, they get advantage on their throw. Nat 1 = disadvantage. DC 18 Dexterity check to get it in the right place.

Other Vendors include – A fortune teller, turkey leg seller, tapestry designer, flower braid makers, fruit and candy sellers, and a hardboiled egg chef.

All games require between 10 cp and 10 sp to enter. Prizes include half a ‘pot’ of money, medallions with the Wildflame token on them, small flags or pieces of pottery, or a ‘doubling’ of their money.

Other random events that may occur.

  • Pickpocketing
  • Speech by local bigwigs
  • Procession of Elves from Silverstrand to the Wildflame.
  • If nighttime, the lighting of the annual ‘Wildflame bonfire” and a brief magical fireworks display.

Hope these come in useful!

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

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