Laurel Emperor Off to the Editors!

Laurel Emperor is off to the editors, culminating an eight year journey with the Steam Empire Chronicles. I won’t lie, I was exhausted finishing this book. It’s topped out around 94,000 words, with two brief epilogues. Beta readers were generally excited to see what was happening, although my readers will probably want to brush up on the events of the fourth novel – Steel Praetorian – to ensure they understand what’s going on!

Now begins the preparations for Cover Art (already under way!) and Kickstarter goals to get illustrations added to the novel! I’ll have more on that in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s to the (temporary) end of the road!

– Daniel

Guest Post with SteamFest Host Phoebe Darqueling

Guest Post by Phoebe Darqueling of the Steamfest Gazette!

Hi everyone,pinmart-art
Last year, as part of a kickstarter, I helped Phoebe Darqueling as a backer for her Steamfest Gazette, a kind of traveling news magazine that visits different Steampunk Conventions. She’s an awesome person, and I’m so glad I get to share this interview with you as part of our blog swap for my Steel Praetorian blog tour! The rest of the interview is beyond the break!

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Update: Steel Praetorian

Read the latest from Steel Praetorian, plus today’s updated word count!

Hi all! Since the book is due at the end of July (EEK!), I’m hard at work. I’ve always worked better with deadlines, so here it goes! My goal for this month is simply to post an updated word count every day.

Also, keep checking this space for possible Kickstarter #4 news (More illustrations? You betcha!)

Updated Word Count: 39,132 words (only 40,868 to go!)

Snippet from today/yesterday’s writing! As always, this is unedited and unrevised, so enjoy! Remember to subscribe on the left hand side for the latest in news about the Steam Empire Chronicles.

“Decanus! Decanus!” Julius shouted, hoping one of the junior officers would hear and attend to him. An easterner screamed as he attacked from behind, Gwendyrn shooting him cold with one of his hand repeaters. The bolt spun the man around, dropping him to the floor.

“We’ve got to secure the train tunnel and the gate house as well. I’ll take the cannon, you take that gate house.” Gwendyrn nodded. A wounded decanus with a motley collection of legionnaires behind him arrived, forming a ring of steel around the officers. “Good luck, centurion.” The Gaul gave a salute and strode off towards the gate. Julius headed for the cannon. He wove his way forward, cutting down mongols here and there, dragging an injured legionnaire against the train here. He had lost his shield somewhere, so he grabbed at his wrist and slowly opened his back up, air legion, shield. The articulated components slowly slid into place, forming a neat circle of steel protection.

The cannon boomed again, cutting down another swath of his men.

Anger turned his vision red, and Julius charged forward, using his shield to batter and push back the few easterners who tried to stop him. Several of his legionnaires joined him, forming a wedge that angled right at the Mongolian position. Desperate to hold onto their cannon, the Mongol crew reloaded desperately. Julius could see them inserting the ammunition and slamming it inside, ramming it home with their specialized gear.

“Be ready to drop” He called to his men, his voice hoarse. A mongolian ax bit deeply into his shield, slamming him backwards and ricocheting off his steel articulated shield. Thank goodness for roman craftmanship He thought as he stabbed his attacker in the gut and kicked him away. Motion ahead of him drew his attention.

“DROP!” He screamed, falling to the ground painfully atop his shield.

New Steampunk Gazette Kickstarter

A cool new Steampunk Kickstarter has appeared! Check it out!

Good evening all,

I wanted to share this fantastic Kickstarter that was shared with me earlier today. It’s a pretty cool idea for the creator to travel around to different areas an share all the incredibly awesome Steampunk events that happen at conventions around the country. Speaking as someone with a very limiting schedule (Teaching isn’t exactly a flexible job!)

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Kickstarter Update and a Request

Kickstarter Updates and A Book Release Party!

Hi Everyone!

I’ll get to the Kickstarter news first! I’m excited to share that almost all of the Physical, Print Books have been placed in the mail today. I’ve spoken to the only exemption, but please know that digital versions will be on there way in the next few days.

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Day 18 – NaNoWriMo Battles Continue!

More Progress on Day 18

When last we left our intrepid Romans (and villains, but that’s another chapter), they were busy trying to undo the damage of the Mongol invasion (and other things). The first handful of Kickstarter packages go out tomorrow. The remainder should go out Saturday! The books have a new matte cover and they look and feel awesome!

PS Steel Praetorian’s been a bit paused, but we eeked over the 27,500 word line today. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! But progress is progress. We’re more than 1/4 of the way done with Novel #4 and it’s only been 2 and a half weeks! That’s epic progress for me, Mr. Slow Writer.

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This is it….Just over 24 hours to go!

It’s the final countdown! Just over 24 hours left in the Iron Tribune Kickstarter. We need your help!

Alright People! We have just over 24 hours to go on my Iron Tribune Kickstarter! If you want to help me add beautiful illustrations like the ones below to my next novel, I need your help! We’re about $200 from our second stretch goal, which sees everyone getting my 2nd novella free! So tell your family, your friends, your coworkers, your reading buddies to help out! Even $10 helps!

If he had a watch, he'd be making sure to stay on schedule
If he had a watch, he’d be checking to see when the kickstarter ends…

The Descent

Update To Brass Legionnaire’s Page

Updates to Brass Legionnaire’s Book Summary Page + 8 DAYS LEFT IN THE KICKSTARTER!

Hi everyone,

I’ve updated the information on Brass Legionnaire’s book page above. I’m planning on having a friend do some general clean up work on the book, which will be significantly revised in the next month. Backers of the kickstarter who pledge $25 or more or add some money for additional print copies of Brass Legionnaire will get the updated version. Already have a copy? No worries! I’m looking at cleaning up various problems and smoothing the story out, so your old version will not be ‘obsolete!’ and if I choose to add an additional chapter, I’ll make it available for free here on the website, as that’s fair for everyone. (Although I want you to buy my books, I don’t want you to buy a new copy of Brass Legionnaire just for another chapter, that’s silly!)

In essence, I’ve added character plots for Julius, Constantine and Corbus. See the overall design of their story plots in BL, and learn a bit more about the characters!

Also, there’s only EIGHT DAYS LEFT IN THE KICKSTARTER! Help us reach $1250 and everyone will get BOTH of my novellas for free! Woo! We’re only about $230 away, so every dollar helps!

9 Days… And Counting!

Kickstarter Countdown – Nine Days and Counting!

Just Nine Days left people!

There’s just 9 days of Kickstarter joy left for Iron Tribune! We’ve reached our 1st stretch goal – $1000! If we can get to the second set at $1250, everyone will have gotten both copies of my novellas, plus their other rewards, for free!

As a reminder, I’ve also listened to the fans and will now offer additional discounted print copies of all my novels as Add-Ons. So you can get more wonderful Roman-Punky goodness for your enjoyment!

(On another note, happy birthday to my Brother (Who happens to be on the other side of the world right now, so it’s officially his birthday!) For those of you who don’t know, he does the voices for the Brass Legionnaire Audiobook, which he swears to me will be completed at some point in the near future (or edited and finished, or whatever) But when it does, I know it will be awesome!

The Border: Part 6

Part 6 of the Border is now ready for your enjoyment! Plus my Kickstarter has reached it’s 1st stretch goal!


Here is Part 6 of The Border for your enjoyment – the battle lines clash and our allies find themselves in a tough spot! If you like what you’ve read, please look into supporting my Kickstarter for Iron Tribune’s illustrations! You’ll be helping make my 3rd novel even better than it already is! Here’s the link for those looking to support me. $10 gets you the novel and our 1st stretch goal, which is a free copy of Antioch Burns!

Part 6

Screaming his rage and frustration, Odiscus battered his sword down onto the Quadi shieldwall. Once, twice, and the shield cracked, falling apart in his opponent’s hand. Speartips flashed past him, the murderous metal wet with blood and rain. Odiscus slammed his sword down one final time, burying it in his enemy’s shoulder. The man cried out, spinning away from him. Bastard! He thought as his sword tumbled away from him, still embedded in the barbarian’s shoulder.

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