Steel Praetorian Update and News

An update to Steel Praetorian! Excitement awaits inside!

Hi all,

Here’s today’s update on Steel Praetorian – This chapter has really been moving fast, and it leads perfectly into the next one! Can’t wait to see what you all think of this book this upcoming fall – Oh did I mention it will be out this fall? Yes! Steel Praetorian will be published this fall. I’m really looking forward to sharing the book with you. Also, remember that Antioch Burns is on sale this month on Smashwords. Ever wanted to get your friends into my novels? Tell your friends and family! Smashwords lets you purchase any format of the books, so it works on all devices!

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New Steampunk Gazette Kickstarter

A cool new Steampunk Kickstarter has appeared! Check it out!

Good evening all,

I wanted to share this fantastic Kickstarter that was shared with me earlier today. It’s a pretty cool idea for the creator to travel around to different areas an share all the incredibly awesome Steampunk events that happen at conventions around the country. Speaking as someone with a very limiting schedule (Teaching isn’t exactly a flexible job!)

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Special September Notice

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that 10% of all sales of any of my novels in the month of September will go to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society here in the United States. One of my future goals is to do something like this every year, highlighting a different organization or cause in need.

While there are many decent and right causes out there for us to all support, I urge you to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as many of the treatments that are found for these cancers can be applied to other cancers and diseases as well. Every dollar raised could be the one that tips us over the edge!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) funds the research and development of therapies that save thousands of lives every day. Two examples are targeted therapies that seek out cancer cells and kill them, and the use of a patient’s own immune system to kill cancer.

If you’re interested, please click the link here to take you to the fundraising page. Every dollar helps! If money is tight, share this update with your friends and family. I appreciate your support. 

(And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!)
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