New Steampunk Gazette Kickstarter

A cool new Steampunk Kickstarter has appeared! Check it out!

Good evening all,

I wanted to share this fantastic Kickstarter that was shared with me earlier today. It’s a pretty cool idea for the creator to travel around to different areas an share all the incredibly awesome Steampunk events that happen at conventions around the country. Speaking as someone with a very limiting schedule (Teaching isn’t exactly a flexible job!)

I’m very interested in this Kickstarter as it would definitely be nice to read a more professional outlook on these conventions (to see if they’re worth going to as a writer or a visitor). Plus, at such a low level, the project should probably reach it’s goal quickly. It just launched, so take a look! (Full Disclosure, I’m not associated with this project, and haven’t been paid, etc etc etc, to do this, I just thought it was fun to share, and something different from my normal updates.)

Creator’s Website

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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