How Writing Saved My Life – A guest post by Phoebe Darqueling

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Greetings all, especially to those who have come to my humble blog to read this! The following is a guest post by Phoebe Darqueling, a fellow steampunk author who I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with over several book tours and write-a-thons. Check out her recent release – Riftmaker – out on February 14th!

As for me, I’ll enjoy reading the post as well.  Continue reading “How Writing Saved My Life – A guest post by Phoebe Darqueling”

NaNoWriMo Day 30 – Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire?

Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire? Guest Post by Josh Stanton

Here’s another awesome guest post by Joshua Stanton, who attempts to answer my  favorite question – Could Steampunk (or power perhaps?) have saved the Roman Empire? Be sure to check out his reviews!

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Guest Posting from Ichabod Temperance

Read an excellent Blog Post from Steampunk Author Ichabod Temperance, who’d love to introduce himself to you!

Hi everyone! Day 28 has arrived, and with it a wonderful guest post by the wacky and always entertaining Ichabod Temperance (Or Icky, as he goes by online!) I’ve worked with him before on Steampunk Septembers and sales, and he’s a great author – take a look!

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Guest Post with SteamFest Host Phoebe Darqueling

Guest Post by Phoebe Darqueling of the Steamfest Gazette!

Hi everyone,pinmart-art
Last year, as part of a kickstarter, I helped Phoebe Darqueling as a backer for her Steamfest Gazette, a kind of traveling news magazine that visits different Steampunk Conventions. She’s an awesome person, and I’m so glad I get to share this interview with you as part of our blog swap for my Steel Praetorian blog tour! The rest of the interview is beyond the break!

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The Steampunk Alternative: A Guest Post By Joshua Stanton

Josh Stanton does a Guest Post on my favorite topic – Alternate Steampunk!

chokecitycoverdondellioGRAINY copyThe following is a guest post by author Joshua Stanton, discussing one of my favorite subjects, alternate steampunk worlds or story types. Enjoy!

Traditional Steampunk

More often than not you will encounter traditional steampunk. Goggles, airships, mad scientists, crazy steam powered inventions. All set in good ol’ Victorian London, usually at the dawn of the industrial revolution.

This is, after all where steampunk started. The fathers of steampunk, K. W Jeter, Tim Powers and James P. Blaylock all feature Victorian London. So, no surprise that many books are also set there or at least in England.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Some of my favourite steampunk adventures are set on my shores, like Mark Hodder’s ‘Burton and Swinburne’ series, and Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris’ ‘The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.’ And yet, when I look at my read and to read pile, most of my steampunk adventures are set here, and not anywhere or anytime else. Continue reading “The Steampunk Alternative: A Guest Post By Joshua Stanton”

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