Guest Posting from Ichabod Temperance

Read an excellent Blog Post from Steampunk Author Ichabod Temperance, who’d love to introduce himself to you!

Hi everyone! Day 28 has arrived, and with it a wonderful guest post by the wacky and always entertaining Ichabod Temperance (Or Icky, as he goes by online!) I’ve worked with him before on Steampunk Septembers and sales, and he’s a great author – take a look!

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Interview with Steampunk September Founder Penelope Bartotto

An exciting interview with Steampunk September founder Penelope Bartotto awaits within this airship message! And remember, the #steamlit novel sale is still going strong!

Author and Steampunk September Founder Penelope Bartotto is a veteran book reviewer and avid reader. She’s been reviewing books since the late 1990s, and happened to contact me a while ago to invite me to join her Steampunk September event. Now in it’s 3rd year, Steampunk September highlights genre authors and their works, as well as providing authors with a wonderful outlet to meet new people, expand their readership, and hear about tips and tricks from other authors. From her website…
Many think they know what the genre is about, and many have no idea. Our goal is to bring the genre to the attention of the Universe and beyond. Featuring authors, illustrators, artisans, and more; we aim to bring you into the world of steampunk, literally.

So enjoy the interview, and I’ll be proud to join her in the events during Steampunk September, which will feature both Brass Legionnaire and Copper Centurion!

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SteamPunk September is just around the corner!

Steampunk September Surprise!

I know it is March, but September is just 6 months away! And that means that I have to get ready for Steampunk September! Here’s an overview of steam punk September provided by Penelope Bartotto, founder and creator of the event. I’ll have an interview with her up later this week! Also, please check out her wonderful website at It’s full of great reviews, commentary, and other exciting things!

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