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Read an excellent Blog Post from Steampunk Author Ichabod Temperance, who’d love to introduce himself to you!

Hi everyone! Day 28 has arrived, and with it a wonderful guest post by the wacky and always entertaining Ichabod Temperance (Or Icky, as he goes by online!) I’ve worked with him before on Steampunk Septembers and sales, and he’s a great author – take a look!

A Parody of Temperance

Thank you, Daniel Ottalini, for the privilege of speaking on your blog platform. I think Ottalini is the most Italian sounding name I have ever heard. Gosh, Daniel, I reckon you probably really are related to some old Roman Legionnaires. Hail, Centurion Ottalini!

Howdy folks, my name is Ichabod Temperance. I have a steampunk book series of stand-alone adventures. It sounds strange, but the idea is similar to a mystery series, such as Nancy Drew: one does not need to read the set in order. Each novel has its own paranormal theme, such as C’thulu, Vampyres, or Zombies.

My books are very whimsical in nature. They are, first and foremost, silly stories and not to be taken too seriously. I try to be a courteous person, so I am very wary of ever being disrespectful toward an author or subject. For example, my fourth novel is a Sherlock matter_cover_kindle_newHolmes adventure. I have a life-long affection for the Conan Doyle stories and all on-screen adaptations. I involve Holmes in a ridiculous adventure, yet at the same time, I think the reader will perceive a deep respect for the Great Detective. This goes for my use of characters in general. Most of them are based on my friends from real life, and though I give them silly roles, they are nonetheless charming. I do not care for the term ‘parody’. It has a connotation that brings to mind a person making fun of a subject. I prefer to think of my novels as ‘humorous homages’ to their particular themes. The series now stands at ten novels. Beyond the subjects mentioned, some other themes explored are a Martian invasion of Earth, my getting to meet King Arthur, battling Godzila, and an epic, High Fantasy adventure.

My latest adventure is ‘The Two-Faces of Temperance’. This is a ‘humorous homage’ to the Robert Louis Stevenson story of ‘Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde’. No, that’s a lie, it’s not. I wanted to do that, but when I read ‘Jeckyl and Hyde’, I did not care for it. But I loved ‘Treasure Island’, you and I both cry. Yeah, you’re right. I went back and re-read ‘Treasure Island’ again. It was fantastic! So now, ‘Two-Faces’, on the surface is a re-telling of ‘Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde’, but secretly, beneath the surface, it is the story of ‘Treasure Island’. 😉

I like to have music in my books. It crept in little by little until the sixth book. At this point, rhythm and song filled that book and all subsequent books from end to end.

In a World of Alpha Males, Ichabod Temperance is the Alfalfa Male.

Ichabod Temperance’s Website

Ichabod Temperance’s Twitter Page

Ichabod Temperance’s Amazon Author Page

Thank you, Daniel Ottalini!

Congratulations on the release of ‘Steel Praetorian’!


Happy Reading, everybody!

Your pal,

~Icky. 🙂

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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