The Kohtumine Gathers: New D&D Ships & Stats Oh My!

Check out the latest teaser for the Kohtumine! Its a brand new ship type – the Sloop – with stats!

Welcome back to another look at the Kohtumine! I’m nearing completion, and based on feedback, this adventure setting looks to be nearly 50 pages in length! Hefty! Today I want to share one of the pages of the Kohtumine, a sneak peek at a new category of ship for your enjoyment, the Sloop! Smaller than the ‘regular’ sailing ship, but larger than a keelboat, this heavily upgraded Sloop is the Azure Vestige.

When designing the Kohtumine, I wanted to bring a new category of ship. Many people adventures on the sea, and while the Ghosts of Saltmarsh expansion provides lots of great in depth information, I thought it was lacking a ship between a full sized sailing ship and the keelboat that wasn’t a galley or longboat. Thus, the sloop was born!

So, there you have it! A new, smaller, sailing ship for all your enjoyment. Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to get more great insight into my next projects! Check out my novels and other D&D modules as well by looking at the pull down menus above! Help me make more of these projects! Anything you want to see in a future module or adventure? Let me know in the comments below! ***I also noticed a mistake – no oars on this ship! Fixing that now…..:-)

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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