Tallvanor’s Tales: From the High Seas to The High Temple

When last we left Tallvanor and his band of, well, ne’er-do-wells, the party was struggling to deal with the after effects of chasing down leads in Mulhussen. We’ve since gained some new party members and we realized we would need holy intervention if we truly were up against some type of unholy or vampiric influence. Ibrahim and Tilly, our newest Paladin and Cleric, joined the party, while Claudia, our bard, disgusted at the events that took place around the stealing of the annals of the Yellow King, left the party.

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Final Kohtumine Focus: Tradespont

You’re going to have to speak up! I can’t hear very well in that ear. That’s what happens when you face down pirates in the Gulf of Hertanzia and…oh, you’re not here for stories. You’re here for the goods. You want weapons? We’ve got them. You want every type of rope imaginable? We don’t have that, but the people across the way do! Exotic metals, gemstones, jewelry, if it isn’t here, then you’ll have to go to the Silks. But no one wants to go there, you come out smelling like a flowerpatch. Unless, of course, you’re looking for perfume, in which case check my cousin’s ship three rows down.

‘Shaver’ Virgil Ngolo, Tradespont Visitor Representative & Tour Guide Company Owner

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Kohtumine Focus: The Lord’s Cluster

Continue the tour of the Kohtumine with me as we learn a bit more about the Lord’s Cluster!

It’s always an honor to guard the Lord’s Cluster. It’s nice and quiet, just a lot of line control. You know, keeping people in line as they’re ready to vote, making sure they don’t touch the voting jars themselves, reminding the observers they can’t talk. The most tiring part is dealing with those damned idiots who think we’ve never dealt with people trying to cheat before. Honestly, what do they think this is? A monarchy?

Reggie W. Queiroz III, Keelhelm Officer, 114th Kohtumine

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Kohtumine Focus: Peregrine Cay

Check out the second stop on our tour of the Kohtumine – our only bit of solid land – Peregrine Cay!

I swear, if the Kohtumine wasn’t required to be here, there wouldn’t be a ‘here’ at all. Not for very long. The priests alone don’t bring in that much money, and fishing doesn’t pay that well hundred of miles from any major nation. But now that they’ve decided this is part of the Lord of the Ocean’s domain, so every pitiful slop pays for passage here to read the Codes and enjoy the tropical weather. Of course, it could be nicer if the beaches weren’t covered in jagged rocks and the beds weren’t 10 gold – a night!

Percival La Glang, First Lieutenant, His Rhodavian Majesty’s Ship, The Weeping Wisp (Now Deceased)

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Kohtumine Focus: The Minnow Cluster

Check out the first cluster grouping of the Kohtumine, the Minnows!

The Minnows is the most rag-tag collection of ships, boats, outrigger canoes and just plain rafts that you’ll ever see. I swear, if a marooned sailor can tie two pieces of deadwood together an paddle it to the Kohtumine, he’d end up in the Minnows. What’s there to do in the Minnows? Sleep, eat something that was likely a rat, and get a boat to another cluster. That’s it, if you ask me.

Shipmaster Zarik A’Ragim, Commander of the Garuk’s Breath

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A Map of the Nova Caesarian Colonies!

Some new maps for your pleasure. I’m excited to have these be part of my next project – a Brief History of the Colonies of New Caesaria! Which map do you like better?

Colonies of New Caesaria(1)Colonies of New Caesaria(2)

Colonies of New Caesaria(3)Colonies of New Caesaria(4)

Saviors of Saltmarsh: Clearing the Mansion

When last we left off, our brave explorers had cleared the topside of the Alchemist’s mansion and were descending into the depths of the abandoned building.

If I play the music louder, I can’t hear the bad guys creeping up behind me!

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Year of Accountability 3/1-3/6

Hi all,

Let’s hear how accountable I was this week! What did I do?


I wrote a 4,000 word short story, so yay for being successful! I also published my latest D&D adventure – the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley. So lots got done this week. I ended up not submitting my short story. I felt it didn’t match the parameters of the request (a steampunk fairy tale) and instead was a more exploration with fantasy components.

So now I’ve got 4,000 words for A Brief History of New Caesaria 🙂

Announcing my Next Custom Mission – Invasion of the Phandelver Valley

Hi all!

In preparation for my continuing D&D adventures, I’ve been working on another custom mission. Or in this case, a series of missions linked together in the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley. Set in the Forgotten Realms universe alongside the Starter Set Campaign, this series of missions will be a great test of our newly powerful heroes right as they complete the Lost Mines final mission.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: The Grand Circuit

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes explored the creepy mausoleum, found something they couldn’t explain, but decided to leave it be until they could explain it. Back to the Count! Tallavanor, take over!


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