Tallavanor’s Tales: Mausoleum Mayhem

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes learned the identify of the ‘monster’ and discovered a coded letter. They decide to head to the Mausoleum, priest in tow. What will they find that they missed the night before? Tallavanor has a longer post today, so more for you to enjoy!

Photo by yours truly! Derwood Forest at Dawn.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Delving Deeper

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes dealt with a mob, a monster, and a mystery that only seemed to deepen with every passing moment. Into the fray!

environment forest grass leaves
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

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Expanding the D&D Beginner Campaign

Greetings! Welcome to another post on the D&D Beginner Campaign. Last time, we discussed how to run it solo. Now, after several run-throughs with a diverse group of players, I’ve got some ways to improve and expand the campaign!

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Like a Moth to the Flames

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes explored Count Usher’s castle after finding his mausoleum suspiciously empty. Also very clean. The castle was a bit burned, a bit damaged, and a bit dusty. Also very empty, except for the body of the Count’s loyal servant. With that, let’s hear from Tallavanor.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Castle Crusaders

Welcome back for another edition of Tallavanor’s Tales! Last time, our intrepid heroes had scared a prisoner into revealing a secret about Count Usher and the town of Usher, and now our heroes are off to investigate – with a new member! How far do they trust the artificer and his scary flying metallic wasp? Let’s find out!

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Casualties on the Count’s Road

Last Time On Tallavanor’s Tales: We’d delivered a message to Count Usher, and he had not been happy about the contents. Then we learned we’d have to kill the count if he didn’t comply. Naturally, Watch Officer Tallavanor did not like that idea. Read on to see what happened next!

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Unusual Usher

Ah, welcome back to our Dungeon’s and Dragon’s 5E adventure write up, I’m your host Tallavanor, and today I will regale you with what happened on the road to Usher and our meeting with the Count. If you missed part one, go back to start!

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Tallavanor’s Tales: To Deliver a Message

Welcome to the first installment in what I hope will be a continuous act of writing – the journeys of Tallavanor, my newest D&D character. My goal is simply to improve my world building skills and help me remember what happened each time. So without further ado, Tallavanor will take over.

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Creating a City Watch D&D Character

Hi all,

group of police on street
Photo by Tiziano Pedrini on Pexels.com

With October being a hectic month I’ve had little time to really focus on my other writing tasks. But it looks like I’ll be able to get back into D&D, which is going to be fun as I’ve barely done it before. My last character post received some interest, even though the character never saw the light of day, so here’s another one that might actually see some action.

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NANOWRIMO 2019 – Committed!

Hi all!

It’s official! I’ve committed to National Novel Writing Month 2019. Although for me it will be National Novella writing month!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.31.06 PM

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