Tallavanor’s Tales: Reports and Paperwork, Hurrah!

Welcome back to another Tallavanor’s Tales! In today’s session, Tallavanor gets to meet some bosses, and some bosses bosses, and for once, isn’t filling out the paperwork! Yippie!

Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com (This looks much nicer than how I imagine Mulhaussen really looks)

The room stank of death and despair. The vampire was dead, but our party had barely survived the experience. The slowly smoldering form of the creature that used to be Prince Erik Ramfk. We pull back to the main room, dragging the unconscious form of Gregario behind us. Claudia falls back with us, while Maxwell crawls into the main room. We sit there for a while, healing up some of our wounds and bringing Gregario back to consciousness. Slowly but surely, we make for the river, hoping to get back to our safe house before encountering any reinforcements in the night.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Delving Deeper

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes dealt with a mob, a monster, and a mystery that only seemed to deepen with every passing moment. Into the fray!

environment forest grass leaves
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

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The Basement Purge – Short Story

The Basement Purge is a screenplay/short story about toys in a basement trying to avoid ending up on the selling block at a yard sale… Read on to learn more!

We’re starting to add a new function to Modern Papyrus that embraces the other side of literature – writing. Modern Papyrus authors will be adding their short stories to the website in the following days and weeks. Take a look and check it out! 🙂 Please remember, all content created here is original and should not be used without the express permission and agreement of the authors.

The Basement Purge

Characters: Clay person, lion king animal, micro machine, legos, large army man, children, adult as hands/moving boxes

Scene 1:

Scene opens on a cluttered basement: A pair of hands moves boxes around, a slow pan centers on a pile labeled “for yard sale” the pan continues, passing a box of army men, animals, scattered legos, other debris…

Narrator/Clay Person: Every spring, in households near and far, comes a tradition that causes grief in many a toy’s heart. The Spring Yard sale.

Camera focuses in on one particular box….tilts down to focus inside box.

Lego man walks over to large army man.

Lego: Did you hear the news? The Petersons are at it again. This is the third yard sale in three years! They’re trying to get rid of all of us!

Army Man: Ever since Bradley left for college, they’ve been down here, purging us, sending us away, donating us! It’s horrible! I heard that Game Boy got sold to that kid down the street, you know the one who can’t keep anything in one piece? And Sue, the stuffed bear, got donated to charity. The Big truck took her!

Lego man: We gotta warn the others. Lets get outta here. (Builds stairs with legos)

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