Saviors of Saltmarsh Story So Far – Part 1

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Friends and Relatives, gather about the fire, while I tell you a story. A story of the Saviors of Saltmarsh, and how the Island of Redwatch became what it is today. It all started many years ago…

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Midnight Meetings

Midnight Meetings in Mulhussen fill in a lot of blanks, but leave more questions as yet unanswered.

Greetings, welcome back to the fireplace. Sit down and let Tallavanor fill your mind and keep you distracted from this ‘social distancing’ that is all the rage (Editor: Seriously though, please follow CDC guidelines to keep yourself safe with COVID 19).Last time, Tallavanor and the crew had a rendez-vous with Gregario’s contact. Today, Tallavanor takes part in a clandestine midnight meeting at a Brothel. How clandestine could it be? Let’s see as Tallavanor takes it away.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Mystery in Mulhüssen

Tallavanor’s back with another episode of our mystery investigation in Mulhussen.

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It’s time for a Covid 19 edition of Tallavanor’s Tales! I’ve got several more episodes planned out, just in time for the next (digital) meetup this weekend. Last time, Tallavanor and his companions arrived in Mulhüssen, finding themselves thrust into the mystery and political intrigue only a massive trading city can provide. With Gregario providing both a contact and a sense of fashion awareness, I suppose it’s Tallavanor’s time to take it away.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Mulhüssen Beckons

Hello all! It’s time for another set of Tallavanor’s Tales. Last time, we were gathering out supplies for the next leg of our journey. We’ve traveled to a new town – Mulhüssen, and our heroes are still hunting for the missing link to their mystery. Who hired them to kill the count, and how is it connected to Mulhüssen? Take it away, Tallavanor.

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Expanding the D&D Beginner Campaign

Greetings! Welcome to another post on the D&D Beginner Campaign. Last time, we discussed how to run it solo. Now, after several run-throughs with a diverse group of players, I’ve got some ways to improve and expand the campaign!

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Tackling the D&D Introduction Campaign Solo (One Player!)

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Greetings, and welcome to a long post – People seem to enjoy my fictionalization of the various D&D campaigns I seem to be getting drawn into, so forgive me if I lean into that a bit. To start the new year out right, I’m currently working through the beginner campaign – The Lost Mine of Phandelver – with my fiancee, brother, and a few friends. This will not be the most impressive write up, nor will this post be focused on  the actual story – rather, my impressions on running it as a first time Dungeon Master and how it works with a single player character, rather than the usual group.

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