Saviors of Saltmarsh Story So Far – Part 1

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Friends and Relatives, gather about the fire, while I tell you a story. A story of the Saviors of Saltmarsh, and how the Island of Redwatch became what it is today. It all started many years ago…

Perrin’s worn hands deftly guided the keepboat onto the docks. Lucy jumped to the port side, leaping nimbly down onto the wooden boards. She hauled at the rope and, with a flourish, successfully secured the boat to the dock.

“Thanks Lucy. You didn’t need to do that, I’ve been doing it myself the entire journey.” Perrin said, unable to keep the grumble from his voice.

“Yes, but I owe you my life, and that is a debt I cannot repay. So I’ll start with this.” The faded remnants of a marine uniform were now hidden beneath scraps of clothing scrounged from the two trunks in the tiny keelboat cabin.

“Now what?” She asked. Perrin looked around the dock at Crabber’s Cove. Few people were this far south on the docks, and they creaked ominously. Worn boards popped up in a few places. A marine sentry strolled lazily northward along the docks, and Perrin smiled. He’d timed his arrival perfectly.

“We need to meet my contact. Then I suppose we’ll part ways.” Lucy nodded, frowning slightly.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ll come with you.”

The tiefling grabbed the spear she’d liberated from the hold and strapped it over her shoulder. Perrin grabbed his bag and his weapons as well. They slowly wandered through the streets. Perrin had been here a few times, never long enough to stay the night. He carefully avoided looking at his safehouse. Lucy was not to be trusted yet.

They passed by the Marine barracks and suddenly a tall figure in a blue and white uniform tackled Lucy.

“You’re alive! By the gods I thought you had died. Your shipmates said you were dead! I can’t believe it!”

“Will, Will Stoutly!” Lucy hugged him back. “It’s been years, but you look the same age.”

“I know, it’s the sea air. Just wait till I tell Tom you’re alive!” Passersby were looking curiously at the group – the halfling sailor, tiefling and the Marine officer hugging her.

Lucy screwed up her face, blue skin wrinkling. “I’d actually rather you keep it quiet, for a bit at least.” Tom pulled back to look at her.

“Oh?” He left the unasked question floating in the air.

“Yes, I need to figure some things out. Whether I’m made out for this.” She gestured to the ships at the docks to their left. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

Will nodded, confused. “If you’re certain. But regardless, let me buy you a drink. As soon as possible.” Lucy nodded, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Of course. First I need to deal with some matters here in town with my friend, Perrin.”

Perrin nodded. Great, the law. Just who I did NOT need to know about me. The marine officer looked at Perrin and held out his hand. “Any friend of Lucy’s is a friend of mine.”

“Of course, pleased to meet you Lieutenant Stoutly. I’m sorry to tear you away, Lucy, but we do have a friend to meet.”

“Of course, I understand. But if you’re looking for work, I know the Town Council is desperate to put together a group of adventurers to deal with a situation down the coast. I’d love to be able to help but we’re stretched thin here.”

“Hmm, we’ll have to look into that. Sounds promising. But Will, I’ll be seeing you soon.” Lucy promised as they parted ways. Will waved to her and then turned back into the barracks. Perrin and Lucy turned now and climbed the short hill towards the Empty Net.

The building was run down, a sign out front squeaking in the wind. The two of them pushed in. The bouncer stared at them, his huge ogre body blocking half the door. They slipped past him and walked up to the bar. The place was mostly deserted. A few people sat in booths or at the bar. One at a far table, hidden behind a hood, raised their drink in Perrin’s direction. Perrin ordered two drinks, while Lucy examined the bar. She downed the drink without looking, while Perrin carefully sipped his and walked over to the table.

“You Rue?” The cloaked figure nodded.

“You have it?” A cool voice asked. Perrin couldn’t decide whether it was a male or female. Only the tip of a nose showed behind the heavy hood.

“Yes. She’s tied up at the docks.”

“Thanks.” They handed over a bag that clinked heavily. Perrin peaked inside, weighed it with his hand, and seemed satisfied.

“Pleasure doing business with you.”

“Yes. Perhaps we shall work together again.”

With that, the person left, red cloak swishing behind them. Perrin gestured to Lucy.

“Let’s go see what the situation is at the Town Hall.”

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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