Meet the Saviors Pt. 3

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We’re still filling in the last few members of the group, but I’ll be posting a ‘summary of situation in the coming days. Today, here’s some more members of the Saviors of Saltmarsh – Our Rogue and our Druid!

My name is Yareahk Oceanthorn, but everybody calls me Rea. My mother told me my name comes from a long forgotten tongue but that it roughly translates to “moon.” Surprisingly fitting, considering the path my life has taken. I am a female half-elf with twenty-one years of living behind me.

My elven father was murdered by my mother’s first husband in a fit of racist jealousy and rage, before he turned on my mother as well. I was eleven-years-old when I watched the wind leave their lungs. I will never forget the cold feeling of their bodies as I cradled them crying. The other humans of our village chased me away, deep into the forest eaves. I ran until my lungs gave out, until I was weak and on the brink of the death. I heard the voice of Selúne, goddess of the moon, calling out to me, begging me to crawl to water’s edge drink. I was filled with the vigor of nature – it saved me, and so I vowed to save it. Unbelievably, I still believe that humans are good, and kind, and worthy of Selúne’s grace.

After many years of solitude, I have an appreciation for the suffering of all and will do what I can to help ease their pain. I now also get to enjoy the finer things in life – good wine, beautiful sunrises, fine linens, and handsome men. This can get me into trouble sometimes, but hey, I’m learning, right?

Aedric von Velefir

Copperish skin, fair blonde hair, deep golden eyes. Fine, somewhat outlandish clothing that incorporates a variety of styles and influences from his travels over the last two hundred years – dark leathers, gem colors across his tunic in places here and there, a rich brown cloak with a deep red on the inside.

Elves have a penchant for grace and that isn’t lost on Aedric – gentle, smooth movements, a sense of the subtle or cinematic in little details. But in the same breath, he has a certain childish enthusiasm that has him stumble every now and then. Over two hundred years of travel, and he’s always been more of an imitation of a hero than an actual one, running from the odd fight or making his way through on luck and charm.

Aedric came to adulthood around 100 or so, as is common in Elven culture, and it wasn’t long before he wanted to leave his people and travel, wide-eyed and full of excitement. Many years were spent learning about a variety of cultures and languages, carrousing and stumbling around as he tried to decide what he should do in the world.

He heard many stories of heroes in those years, and decided he wanted to emulate their grandiosity, to go out and do great deeds for the glory and acclaim of it all, to stand upon a stage and cry out in joy. He was looking for a place to be and a way to live, and had finally stumbled upon it.

It was a slow path, but over the years he refined his dueling skills with a blade and excelled in archery as he traveled, mingled, performed, and attended upon nobles among various guilds, courts and groups across the continent.

He is a man still looking for the true first page of his story, hoping to write a hundred chapters to come. He’s hoping the lot he’s fallen with is his chance, at long last, to do something great for the greater good.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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