Saviors of Saltmarsh

Last time, our brave heroes travel further into the depths of the Alchemist’s mansion, and encounter more than they bargained for. A haunted house? More like an inhabited house…

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Saviors of Saltmarsh: Clearing the Mansion

When last we left off, our brave explorers had cleared the topside of the Alchemist’s mansion and were descending into the depths of the abandoned building.

If I play the music louder, I can’t hear the bad guys creeping up behind me!

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Saviors of Saltmarsh: The Mansion

Running Ghosts of Saltmarsh Chapter 2: The Sinister Secret of ...

Wham! Aedric kicked down the door and sprinted into the front hall. The Saviors of Saltmarsh followed close behind, fanning out to cover the rogue as he scanned the dusty surrounds.

The abandoned Alchemist’s mansion never knew what was coming. The Saviors of Saltmarsh had taken the job to clear the place at the behest of the Saltmarsh Town Council. Little did they know what they were getting into.

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Saviors of Saltmarsh Pt 2: Building the Party

When last we left off, I had introduced Lucy and Perrin, who had recently arrived in Saltmarsh and found themselves without a plan or a goal. Directed to the City Hall by Lucy’s Marine friend Tom, they made a stop at the Empty Net Tavern, where Perrin confirmed delivery of his vessel, and its contents. Rewarded handsomely by his contact, they strode towards the Town Hall, asking the help of some locals along the way when…

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Saviors of Saltmarsh Story So Far – Part 1

Title page

Friends and Relatives, gather about the fire, while I tell you a story. A story of the Saviors of Saltmarsh, and how the Island of Redwatch became what it is today. It all started many years ago…

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Meet the Saviors Pt. 3

Hi all,

We’re still filling in the last few members of the group, but I’ll be posting a ‘summary of situation in the coming days. Today, here’s some more members of the Saviors of Saltmarsh – Our Rogue and our Druid!

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Meet the Saviors – Pt 2

Greetings! Here’s more of the gang from the Saviors of Saltmarsh. Three new PCs have arrived, let’s learn more about them!img_2388

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New D&D Writeups! The Saviors of Saltmarsh

More D&D Writeups? Yay!


As part of keeping me sane here at home, I’m going to expand the D&D writeups I’ve been doing for my Tallavanor’s Tales by doing a separate write up of the Secrets of Saltmarsh Campaign that I’m running for my friends.

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