Saviors of Saltmarsh

Last time, our brave heroes travel further into the depths of the Alchemist’s mansion, and encounter more than they bargained for. A haunted house? More like an inhabited house…

The chase was on and the party was gaining. They ran through the tunnels, chasing the distant footsteps of their quarry. Aedric quickly made his way to the front of the party, where he held up his hand just as they turned the corner.

“Wait one…”

A group of pirates came out of a side tunnel and ambushed the party, just as an arrow struck out from behind a stalagmite and struck Aros full in the chest. He shrugged off the wound and charged ahead, Aedric following close behind. As he ran, Aros summoned the spirits of air and water and a dense fog bank slowly grew in the cavern, enveloping the party and the ambushers.

Lucy and Pacho turned to fight off their ambushers, dagger and spear striking against scimitar. The clash of metal filled the cavern. Zola swung up her diamond and launched a chromatic orb at the group, throwing one of the pirates back into the darkness.

Rea snarled and fought back to back with her allies. Two of the pirates pincered her, knocking her to the ground and injuring her grievously. Perrin leapt over to cover her, striking without care of the return attacks as he covered her fall.

Further ahead, Aros tackled the escaped scout, and Aedric tossed him a rope to bind her. Hearing the conflict turning desperate, her turned and ran back towards the ambush. With his help, the pirates were chased down and killed.

They turned to their prisoner, Lucy healing Rea and pulling her off the ground. With a series of quick and artful questions and grilling, and the assistance of the “Friends” spell, they convinced Serena the scout to turn traitor and support them. Aros even managed to convince her to join the temple of Persana.

Leaving their prisoner tied on the ground, they advanced further into the cavern. To the left, they found a storeroom, full of silk and barrels of wine and brandy. To their right, the tunnel continued.

“I hear the ocean.” Lucy said. Sure enough, the distance sounds of the lapping tide became louder as they turned a corner into a small chamber. Carefully, the party scouted ahead, behind a large series of wooden crates. Several hobgoblins and a man in robes were busy in the chamber. Two other pirates were loading a keelboat, while the Hobgoblins kept watch.

Quietly, the party prepared themselves as they covertly observed their enemies. With a battlecry, the group launched themselves into combat. Aedric, Zola, and Lucy all used their ranged weapons to knock out one of the hobgoblins and a pirate, while Aros, Rea, Perrin and Pacho charged in. The Hobgoblins formed a quick shield wall, sheltering under the barrage of missiles. The wizard shimmered and split into two – one of him running for the boat, the other version raising his hand and casting a spell.

Rea leapt over the line of hobgoblins, and attacked him, while Perrin and Aros clove through the shields of the hobgoblins. They fought back, wounding Aros and forcing him backwards. Pacho stepped up to cover him, deflecting another strike with his shield.

The last pirate took potshots with his shortbow, winging Zola and hitting Lucy. The maelstrom of combat grew as Lucy charged in to support Perrin and Zola. Aros pinned a hobgoblin’s shield with his trident and Perrin took advantage. His mace mashed in the hobgoblin’s skull, and his second strike disemboweled the same opponent.

Aedric and Zola shot their weapons at the fleeing form of the wizard, but both watched as their shots went through open space. “That one is fake!” Zola shouted.

“I’ll go help Rea!” Aros shouted as Lucy ran up, pinning the last hobgoblin against a stalagmite with her daggers. He left Perrin and Lucy and ran towards Rea, who was savaging the wizard. A blast of ice threw her back, and Rea rolled to the ground, barely moving. Aros threw himself at the wizard and, with a mighty blow of his shield, knocked him out.

Quickly, the last few enemies are mopped up by the overwhelming attacks of the Saviors of Saltmarsh.

Pacho looked down at their prisoner. “So…what have we here…”

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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