Year of Accountability – April 27 – May 3

Hello all! It’s time for another Year of Accountability post! This week saw the publication of my latest Novella – the Last Gladiator. So I’ve reached one of the two major goals I had for the year! How else did I do this week? Read on to find out more!

If you haven’t heard, this week I released my latest novella – the Last Gladiator.

The Last Gladiator is a fast-paced story set in my alternate history “Romanpunk” world, where Rome never fell. The fabled gladiators of yore are being replaced by mechanical versions of themselves – Mechagladiators. As one of the last human gladiators, Lucia Rhodanus Fortem must find a way to trust her companions while training for the biggest match of her life.

Fans of Roman history and steampunk adventures will love this different view of a Rome that could have been (And there’s seven other books to read in the universe as well!)

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I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to visit other writer’s blogs and share my work with them and their fans. I’ll continue to do that this week, while also looking forward to my next novella.

Writing wise, I just passed 45 days of writing (straight!) on the blog. But I’m getting tired and a bit overwhelmed by it. I’m thinking I’ll be taking from blogging in the next few days (except for promoting the Last Gladiator) so that I can begin to focus on my next writing project.

Goal for the next week: Write a thousand more words for my next novella. That’s it!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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