Meet the Saviors – Pt 2

Greetings! Here’s more of the gang from the Saviors of Saltmarsh. Three new PCs have arrived, let’s learn more about them!img_2388

Lucy Piroette – Tiefling Marine Ranger

Formerly of the Prince’s Navy, Lucy’s vessel was attacked in the Azure Sea. Captured with many of her crew by the pirate ship “Last Remarks” she managed to escape, freed her crew and lead a revolt onboard the ship. Her friends managed to get to the lifeboats, but Lucy scuttled the ship to prevent it from coming after them. She barely escaped with her life, clinging to some debris as the ship went down.

She floated for days, until a small ship approached. The halfling sailor helped her up, straining to pull her exhausted form onto the deck. He helped nurse her back to health, while sailing his ship towards the port of Saltmarsh.

Lucy now faces a decisive moment. To many, she is dead. To others, she’s just missing, presumed dead.

Lucy joins the adventure as a favor to Tim Stoutly, a long time friend, who recommends her to Eliander Fireborn as a trustworthy ally in these trying times.

Perrin – Halfling Smuggler Barbarian.

Perrin is a swashbuckling smuggler, with more charm than brains most of the time. He’s unsure about his current situation, he didn’t sign up for any investigations, but it feels like another money-making opportunity so he’ll go along for the time being. He is also curious though, what a marine was doing stranded in the middle of the water. What secrets is the marine hiding? And whats up with this Persona guy?

He feels like he bonded with Aedric from drinking on the boat, and he doesn’t want anyone to find out what he has been smuggling. This investigation has led way too close to other smugglers, and someone has even almost recognized Perrin. Perrin’s last rage still sits uneasy with him. Mostly because he can’t wait till the next time he can rage again. Is this what it feels like? Is this what his dad was trying to tell him about when he was teaching him all those years ago?

Pacho, Human Sage Fighter

Pacho is a human fighter. His background is that of a sage, and thanks to his years of extensive research, he has proficiency in arcana and history checks. His bond was to the temple of Selune, but he grew wayward from the monastic life after becoming a glorified messenger for the higher. After meeting Rea, he found a kindred spirit and they decided to become low grade mercenaries.

Pacho has an insatiable curiosity – a result of his time cataloging texts at his home sanctuary as an early acolyte. When presented with the unknown or strange, he typically leaps before he looks in the pursuit of some new knowledge. In addition, he has a macabre fascination with the various creatures he’s slain and will occasionally perform haphazard autopsies on them.


Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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