Saviors of Saltmarsh Pt 2: Building the Party

When last we left off, I had introduced Lucy and Perrin, who had recently arrived in Saltmarsh and found themselves without a plan or a goal. Directed to the City Hall by Lucy’s Marine friend Tom, they made a stop at the Empty Net Tavern, where Perrin confirmed delivery of his vessel, and its contents. Rewarded handsomely by his contact, they strode towards the Town Hall, asking the help of some locals along the way when…

With a solid thump, Lucy knocked over one of the many people crowding the market square.

“I’m so sorry!” The half-elf squeaked. What followed was a solid minute of apologies, ‘my bads’ and ‘so…where are you going?” Lucy and Perrin stared awkwardly at the party.

“Rea Oceanthorn, at your service! These are my companions, Gorgo Zola” A shy dragonborn waved a white scaled arm hesitantly from over Rea’s shoulder. “and Paxoquin Xitil, my escort and messenger ally.” A taller man offered a hand, shaking Lucy and Perrin’s hand. His dark features contrasted with Rea’s lithe figure.

“You can call me Pacho.”

“Quite a group you have here.” Lucy said. “Were you by chance headed to the town hall to see what this request for adventurers is all about?”

“Well…yes…no…” Rea said.

“We hadn’t heard there was a request.” Zola chimed in.

“But it sounds fun!”  Pacho said, hand running over his javelins strapped to his back.

The town council building was just under two blocks away, and after navigating past a secretary as grey as the wood that supported the building, a page escorted the party upstairs. A council meeting was already in session.

(Note to the reader, I’m not going to go into the entire extent of the council meeting, with a few exceptions).

“So we’re agreed then?” Commander Eliander Fireborn said, his wooden leg tapping rhythmically against the floor. “We send these adventurers to the Haunted house and deal with it once and for all?”

“Yes, but I have a condition.” Anders Solmor waved to a shadowy figure behind him. Lowering his hood, a handsome elf stepped forward. “Aedric has been of great help to me, and I trust he will assist on this expedition as well.”

Eliander nodded, while Council President Eda Oweland crossed her arms. “We don’t have the funds to increase the budget for this sidetrack.”

“No, but neither do we have the manpower. If Anders gets to send someone, then so do I.” The commander turned behind him. “Emissary Aros, would you join us please?”

“Most certainly I shall.” A deep, booming voice filled the chamber. “Aros, Emissary of the Tritons, Faithful of Persana, is glad to assist the people of Saltmarsh in this endeavor.”

“Oh lord.” Lucy heard Aedric mutter from across the room.

“Yes, yes, we do appreciate your help. Now, if you please, we have other business to deal with. Take care of that mansion, and get rid of, well, whatever is plaguing us there. Ghosts or spirits or whatnot. I can’t send the guard, so you’ll have to find your way there yourself.”

The page, Jeddith, ushered them from the room. The sounds of shouting and arguing could be heard in the room.

“I’m glad you’re going to take care of it. That’s a creepy place.”

“Oh, have you been there before?” Aedric asked.

“Yes, as a dare with some friends. Creepy as all-get-out. Walk into the place and this super creepy howl echoes all around you. We fled so fast I think we left behind our wits.”

“Sounds just like a place that needs our action.” Aros declared.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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