Kohtumine Focus: Peregrine Cay

Check out the second stop on our tour of the Kohtumine – our only bit of solid land – Peregrine Cay!

I swear, if the Kohtumine wasn’t required to be here, there wouldn’t be a ‘here’ at all. Not for very long. The priests alone don’t bring in that much money, and fishing doesn’t pay that well hundred of miles from any major nation. But now that they’ve decided this is part of the Lord of the Ocean’s domain, so every pitiful slop pays for passage here to read the Codes and enjoy the tropical weather. Of course, it could be nicer if the beaches weren’t covered in jagged rocks and the beds weren’t 10 gold – a night!

Percival La Glang, First Lieutenant, His Rhodavian Majesty’s Ship, The Weeping Wisp (Now Deceased)

Welcome to the second stop on our tour of the Kohtumine, my upcoming D&D 5th Edition setting. Whether it’s a brief stopover, a one-shot, or the full two weeks, the Kohtumine has plenty to offer. Let’s take a chance to learn more about the only non-moving part of our high-seas gathering, Peregrine Cay.

Peregrine Cay

This small island is one of the few land based domains of the Lord of the Oceans. Legend has it that the island was once the top of a vast mountain, but during the cataclysmic events of the Upheaval, the mountain itself was thrown down. All that remains is a curved slip of land that rises about three hundred feet above the ocean. The island has been terraced over generations, and about a hundred people live here permanently. Most of the island’s inhabitants are fishermen and supporting industries. It has an inn & tavern – The Cay Coach House, and a general store, the Landlubber’s Lurch, for goods at marked up prices due to the difficulty in supplying such a small island. The Lord of the Oceans is the ruler here, and the cay is, in essence, his personal domain. In actuality, the temple high priest and the town’s mayor work in tandem to run the town in the most efficient way possible. Water from an underground aquifer is carefully monitored. Should the Lord of the Ocean deign to sleep ashore, they will stay in the Lord’s Apartment, a series of rooms built into the temple’s top floor with amazing views of the harbor and surrounding ocean. The island also has two lighthouses, one at the south point, one at the north. The Keelhelm presence here is low, as the number of visitors allowed on the island is strictly monitored to avoid overwhelming the locals, the ecology, and the water supply!

You’ll notice one additional point of interest on the island – #8 – This is the Temple of the Ocean, and it will have it’s own Kohtumine Focus post later on!

The curved cay is often said to resemble a shrimp. The terraced tiers help to collect the frequent rainwater that deluges the island and safeguard it within the island’s aquifer.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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