Kohtumine Focus: The Silk Cluster

Silk? I have silk. Every color of the rainbow. Stripes? Yes, of course, whatever you prefer. Solid colors are my favorite as well, and that green is a particularly bright and…uh…charming, that’s the word. As you know, we only procure our products from the most organic plantations in the west. The color you’ve chosen comes from a dye made by the illusive Tumril Lion Beetle. Thousands of them are crushed up to get that color. You want a discount? How much are you willing to buy? Free pillow with every 200 feet of material!

Olivia Tu Mereia, Junith Proi Traders & Co., Company Ship Flibberjabber

Welcome to the 5th stop on our tour of the Kohtumine, my upcoming D&D 5th edition adventure setting! I hope you brought your pocketbook / purse / mansatchel today, as the Silks are the most extravagant market of the Kohtumine, in both price and items for sale. If you’ve missed out on the rest of the Kohtumine tour, you can go back and check out the Lord’s Cluster, Peregrine Cay, The Nails, and the Minnows.

The Silk Cluster is a wealthy trading hub focused on the highest end goods and services. The best jewelry, trade goods such as silk and amber, and even magical items are all available here, at a price.  The cluster even counts a potion ship and magic shop among the anchored vessels. The Keelhelm presence is also heavy, but this cluster tends to avoid building the floating docks that serve many of the other clusters, thus increasing the security of each vessel. Keelhelm patrol boats ring the cluster and patrol the temporary canals instead. Private transport is required as there are no public ferries allowed between the ships. Those that do arrive stop at the Silktown Bazaar, a floating island of wood that allows access to some of the higher end goods for the riff raff (or those seeking to sell, rather than purchase). Those of more discerning tastes will be whisked away to private meetings aboard trading vessels. It is common for thousands of pounds of gold to change hands in just a few hours. Rumor has it you can purchase more vicious implements of luxury here, from quiet dens of torture to disguised assassins.

The Silk Cluster appears haphazardly structured, but the separation among the vessels brings a sense of security for the high value good traders. The large floating docks to the Southeast are the Silktown Bazaar, where much of the lower-level trading is done.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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