Final Kohtumine Focus: Tradespont

You’re going to have to speak up! I can’t hear very well in that ear. That’s what happens when you face down pirates in the Gulf of Hertanzia and…oh, you’re not here for stories. You’re here for the goods. You want weapons? We’ve got them. You want every type of rope imaginable? We don’t have that, but the people across the way do! Exotic metals, gemstones, jewelry, if it isn’t here, then you’ll have to go to the Silks. But no one wants to go there, you come out smelling like a flowerpatch. Unless, of course, you’re looking for perfume, in which case check my cousin’s ship three rows down.

‘Shaver’ Virgil Ngolo, Tradespont Visitor Representative & Tour Guide Company Owner

Welcome to the last stop on our tour of the Kohtumine, my upcoming D&D 5th edition adventure setting for groups of all levels! Unfortunately, my tour must stop here, as you’ll have to explore the last two parts of this high-seas gathering on your own. But fear not, the Pleasure Cluster and the Temple of the Oceans are some of the most impressive sights on the eleven seas. In the meantime, I’ve secured a variety of exclusive discounts here in the Tradespont for my clients, and I can’t wait to share them with you

The Tradespont is the largest cluster of the Kohtumine, and it hugs the south western coast of the island, wrapping from the Lord’s Cluster all the way to the Minnows and the Nails. If you can buy it, it’s for sale in the Tradespont. Many pirates and privateers use the Tradespont to sell procured goods at somewhat fair prices, while insurance investigators and intelligent agents from mainland realms race to secure missing items. Everything from the Lost Blade of the First Seven to the groom price for the Prince of Econsia has been negotiated for in these tradeships. Scrupulous deal hunters comb the closely packed vessels and narrow causeways between them looking for deals. Trade is always brisk, and many stores are open twenty four hours a day. The Keelhelms are often overwhelmed by the sheer size of the populace and ever changing pathways winding their way through the Tradespont. Thus, this cluster has the highest rate of crime and theft, and adventurers are always needed to retrieve goods that go missing. Or enact vengeance on those who break the peace of the Kohtumine.

You’ll notice that the Tradespont is tied together with many floating walkways and docks. Even within the vast trade district, you’ll find sub clusters of weaponsmiths, book sellers, and even perfumeries and tailors.

The current extent of the Tradespont at the first day of the Kohtumine. This number is likely to double by the summer equinox, when the floating walkways will have docked ships two to three deep, and itinerant peddlers and salespeople will have built temporary stalls along each promenade.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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