Kohtumine Focus: The Lord’s Cluster

Continue the tour of the Kohtumine with me as we learn a bit more about the Lord’s Cluster!

It’s always an honor to guard the Lord’s Cluster. It’s nice and quiet, just a lot of line control. You know, keeping people in line as they’re ready to vote, making sure they don’t touch the voting jars themselves, reminding the observers they can’t talk. The most tiring part is dealing with those damned idiots who think we’ve never dealt with people trying to cheat before. Honestly, what do they think this is? A monarchy?

Reggie W. Queiroz III, Keelhelm Officer, 114th Kohtumine

We continue northward on our tour of the Kohtumine, my fantastical high seas gathering of the ships setting for D&D 5th Edition. Today’s focus is on the Lord’s Cluster, the most prestigious and powerful of the clusters, where the real deals get made, and where the next Lord of the Oceans is elected from among the assembled sailors and captains of the fleets.

The Lord’s Cluster

The Lord’s Cluster is aptly named. The faction leaders meet here at the most secure of the floating docks, along with the Ocean’s Gift, the ship of the Lord of the Ocean and home to the incredibly powerful artifact, the Ocean’s Lullaby. Squads of veteran Keelhelm, often from the Ocean’s Gift itself, patrol the area, and each faction guards their own leadership with the best mercenaries they can hire. Faction candidates for the election also have their ships docked here, once the initial primary has narrowed the field. Other than the election and vote tallying, faction leadership often takes the opportunity to meet with their far flung members, some of whom haven’t crossed paths since the last Kohtumine. Services and specialized food services are often floated in, and it isn’t uncommon for craft from the Pleasure Cluster to be temporarily docked alongside one or more of the flagships for days, or even the whole Kohtumine. Barges and ferry craft bring sailors and visitors in almost by the minute, keeping the never ending flow of voters and supplicants churning along the wide floating causeways.

The factions often show off their most richly appointed vessels. Or most terrifying. Depends on the faction.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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