Kohtumine Focus: The Nails

Is your ship in need of repair? Head to the Nails, the best, and only, repair cluster in the Kohtumine (and on the high seas). We can fix anything, as long as you have the coin!

Now Cap’n, you don’t want to be anchoring in the Nails. We’re trim fixed up and as seaworthy as possible. We’ll get no rest there, sir, and believe me when I say the headaches will stay for months. That is, if we wake up and still have the boat around us, instead of being scrapped for parts while we sleep. And don’t be eyeing those magical catapults either. They’ll quote you two thousand, and mean two thousand platinum, not gold. Damned tinkerers.

Purser’s Mate Roxxy the Goblin, Tradeship Veritas Equus

Welcome to the fourth installment of our tour of the Kohtumine, my next D&D adventure setting on the high seas. Perfect for any setting or plane (except, perhaps, an all desert plane, but then, you could do other things with this!) Today’s tour stop takes us to the Nails, the temporary industrial powerhouse of the Kohtumine, where any ship can be repaired or upgraded, for a price. Also, it’s one of my favorite clusters, and since it’s near my birthday, I can do what I like!

This industrial section of the Kohtumine features a number of ship smokestacks burning with alchemical fire deep into the night. Full of architects, shipbuilders, and blacksmiths, Nails workers modify boats and ships of all sizes. From custom figureheads to magical weaponry and even paddlewheel steam engines, the Nails can do it all, jobs big and small, in a time frame short enough to show off by the end of the Kohtumine. The Nails even have a floating drydock to lift damaged vessels out of the water for quick reconstruction. It’s common to see pairs of boats partnered together, one using cranes and sorcery to assist a stricken vessel (Or break it into parts to be reused). The forges never tire, and most crewpeople in the Nails don’t consider the Kohtumine a time for fun and relaxation. Instead, it is a boom season, where they put in 18 hours shifts for four weeks straight. Coincidentally, the Nails cluster is responsible for building and assembling many of the larger causeways and floating docks around the Kohtumine, and then taking them apart them when finished. It’s not a pretty job, but it certainly pays well (and the scrap left behind is really useful!)

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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