Year of Accountability 3/23-3/30 = Birthday Writing!

Hi all,

It’s March 23rd, and that means its my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! IMG_1596

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10,000 words in The Last Gladiator!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a small tidbit from The Last Gladiator. I’ve written over 10,000 words now, and that means I’m over halfway done! Super excited to share this with you in the coming months! Read on to explore some of the new content in The Last Gladiator.

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Antioch Burns Cover Sneak Peek!

A preview of Antioch Burns’ cover and some exciting November news!

Antioch Burns Sneak Peak

What is this? A sneak peek at the cover of Antioch Burns? Yes indeed! As you can see, I’ve gone with the newspaper-y style of cover. I’ll be revealing the full cover later this month, along with a special sale announcement! November and December bring great gifts and surprises to my Roman Steampunk & Alternate History World. See you soon!

Where the Steam Empire Chronicles is going next…

Where the Steam Empire Chronicles is going from here! Plus a sneak peek at Roma Aeronautica.

Hi all, Happy Sunday!

I figured I’d briefly share my overall plan for where I’m taking the series next. You see, as a writer, I’m a tad bit obsessive when it comes to planning (but not as a teacher, I’m horrible at planning there!). So what are my plans and goals for the S.E.C. after the release of Copper Centurion

Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto
Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto

First, I’m going to have two short stories put out this year. Roma Aeronautica, will be released August 1st most likely, and Antioch Burns, the second one, will be out in December most likely (still a flexible time period). Why two novellas you ask? Honestly, I was tired and I wanted to feel the success of finishing things without having to pound away at another novel for a bit. Don’t worry fans, you’ll still get your Iron Tribune. I’m not giving up! Spring is just an incredibly hectic time for teachers, and it can really show in my writing and sanity. So I’ve discovered that writing during this time is the hardest for me. Strangely enough, writing during the summer is not that difficult for me!

My personal goal with writing and self-publishing is to eventually be able to do this exclusively. Obviously I’d need to see where I am personally and professionally, as a full time job is really nice income wise, and I’d have to be able to make up what I’m losing by giving up the full time job, but it’s nice to have a goal. Secondary to that, I’d like to at least be able to not work summers, which I get off as a teacher, because of the income from the novels. I feel as though that would be a great start and allow me more time with my friends and family.

Oh, and I’d love to visit the places I talk about in my novels. Perhaps I can even figure out how to set up a tour or something similar so I can go with fans! (Just a thought! – would anyone actually be interested?)

As an extra fun bit, enjoy this tidbit from Roma Aeronautica below!

“I know that my ancestry can be a mark against my family’s honor. But I implore you to give me a chance to prove myself. I will pass whatever tests you require, just for that chance.” He bowed low, then thanked them.
“All right, all right, let’s vote already,” Astoragas said impatiently. “I vote no. Can’t have little Cassi brats infiltrating the airfleet. First one, then more!”
“No,” Garus Miletosinos said, hardly looking up from his paperwork.
“Yes,” Quintus Heratus said forcefully, smiling warmly at the boy.
The room was silent for a moment as the small group of bureaucrats waited for the last two votes. By tradition, the chief judge voiced his opinion last, so it could be said he was not influencing any of the others.
“Vorentius?” Amelius turned to his right and prodded the sleeping judge with his foot.
“Who? What? Vote? Yes… of… of course!” Vorentius Ilsotus said with a flourish before closing his eyes and beginning to snore again. Sighing, Amelius realized it was once again up to him to be the deciding vote.


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