Year of Accountability 3/23-3/30 = Birthday Writing!

Hi all,

It’s March 23rd, and that means its my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! IMG_1596

How’d I do this week on my goal? Well, my awesome beta readers are busy pulling the Last Gladiator apart as I put the final handful of words into it, and it’s going to the formatter on Monday, so that’s very exciting!

What’s my goal for this next week?

  • Finish. It’s been the same every week, but deadlines really help me focus. Finish the dang novella!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at the novella as a birthday share out.

Domina, I have delivered babies in the fields of Lusitania. I can deliver your child here, at home, or at the Hospitum, should you desire that. I can even have a medical wagon on standby, to take us to the hospital, should it be necessary. I can bring in all manner of equipment, and can bring on extra assistants if you wish.” She nodded hesitantly.

“Could you send a list of your services? I have a while yet.”

“Of course.” He bowed slightly, “by your leave, domina.” he said. The two departed, the poor assistant lugging the massive suitcase down the stairs. Lucia turned and walked back to the desk. She quickly jotted down a note. The ink bled as her dark hands skimmed over the wet surface, and it bled and streaked. She took a moment to control herself, focusing her mind as the lanistas had taught her to.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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