Pros & Cons of Using Google Hangouts for Dungeons and Dragons – a Quick Take

My quick and dirty take on how google hangouts can be used to do your D&D campaign!

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Just a quick post today, wanted to share how my first session of D&D using google hangouts went the other day! In these challenging times, using Google Hangouts to provide distraction and distance D&D can be a fun and relatively simple way to do your Dungeons and Dragons Campaign!

So what did I think of using Google Hangouts for D&D? There’s definitely a few good things and a handful of drawbacks.


  1. Ease of Use – as long as you have a microphone and maybe a camera on your laptop, you’re pretty much well stocked for D&D online! Creating a Google Hangout isn’t that complicated, and joining one is simple too, especially since most people already have google accounts.
  2. Focuses on the person talking – the video will focus on the person talking, so it isn’t a tic-tac-toe set of windows with everyone talking, but rather one big window with that person talking.
  3. Sharescreen for maps. That is all. And Speaks for itself.


  1. Technology Limitations – still requires a functioning internet access, microphone, and preferably a camera. Also, if you’ve got a large amount of people in a house, can use up a lot of bandwidth.
  2. No way for the owner to mute one or a few people – I think the fact that everyone can talk over everyone else requires some self-control on the part of everyone, and in connection with the technology limitations – bad microphones, pixelated views, etc.
  3. Hard to be consistent with background music, miniatures, maps, etc. – Obviously distance requires some sacrifice. You really do have to focus on Theater of the Mind.

That’s my (brief!) View on the matter. Next time I’m going to try Roll20 and see how it goes! Hopefully better!

Stay safe out there! – Daniel

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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