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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working on outlining some of the new chapters for my ‘history book’ novella. Take a peek and tell me what you think!

The ailing Empress Regent, in one of her final acts, places Navarch Alyonsis Garoe in command of the newly built Classis Imperatoria Coloniam, with guidance from Francisco Letucio Aemulator. In addition, she gives command of several other ships in the fleet to the young scions of several powerful families, including the Krulis, the Cornelia, and the Vivenos. Her advisors fear and express publicly that the Empress is losing her touch on her deathbed, as the honor and political power gained by these families boosts their standing across the shaky political landscape.

The fleet, with over a thousand crew and five hundred settlers, departs during the auspicious festival of Portunus, on August 17th, 1250 AD. Week long celebrations are ordered to placate the god of ports and of openings, as this is believed to be the opening of new lands for the Empire.
Editor’s Note – In more recent political treatises, this is considered one of the most brilliant moves in the “Grandmother Regent Era”. The move neatly removed several key leaders from the most powerful families during the beginning of the reign of Septimus Titus Appius. Historians now theorize that this forty year time of peace and prosperity allowed Septimus to rebuild deep Imperial coffers, restore vital infrastructure, and modernize several key industries, including the nascent beginnings of an industrial base in northern Italia.